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New Features:

  • iPhone & iPod Touch devices now show a key preview when a key is touched
  • Installed keyboards now have keyboard version information and help link available in keyboard picker
  • A-Z index in language/keyboard list is now enabled on iOS 7.1 and later versions
  • Hebrew, Arabic and other right-to-left languages are now correctly displayed flowing right-to-left on iOS 7 and later
  • European Latin keyboard no longer has desktop-based shortcuts enabled (e.g. .c no longer outputs ċ)
  • Default European Latin keyboard upgraded to latest version (1.2)
  • Keyboards can now be re-downloaded if the font fails to download
  • Keyboard is now reloaded after updating/re-installing a custom keyboard to allow any changes to appear immediately
  • Keyman help page link can now link to keyboard help
  • Other minor bug fixes, a potential memory leak, and performance enhancements

Known Issues

  • iOS 7.1 has a problem with installed font profiles: once you restart your device, and in certain other situations, the installed font profiles become unavailable and language fonts will fail to display. While this is not a bug in Keyman as such, it can impact usage of your language in some apps.
  • We have received some reports of a bug with fonts in version 1.2: for some users, their language font fails to display after upgrading to version 1.2 from an earlier version. This is happening due to a change in the cached data for your language. To fix the problem on your iPhone or iPad:
    1. Open the Keyboards list by touching the globe button on the keyboard.
    2. Swipe left on the keyboard with the issue to delete it.
    3. Click the Add (+) button to reinstall the keyboard. You should not need to reinstall the font profile.
    We apologise for this issue, and are working to diagnose and make a complete fix right now.

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