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KeymanWeb Version History

13.0.106 stable

Published 2020-04-15.

  • Fixes issues with matching input against possible predictions (#2957)
  • Adds support for use of web popup keys in embedded mode (#2970)

13.0.105 stable

Published 2020-03-18.

  • Fixes issue in OSK layer resizing that affected iOS app (#2841)
  • Fixes issue with text output to content-editable elements and design-mode iframes (#2839)

13.0.104 stable

Published 2020-03-13.

  • Bug fix: further updates BuildVisualKeyboard (#2823)
  • Bug fix: fixes word lookup for wordlist models for languages in the SMP Unicode planes (#2821)
  • Bug fix: fixes issue with touch-layout popup key modifier interpretation (#2820)
  • Bug fix: fixes issue with bulk-rendering OSK validation dev tool (#2823)

13.0.103 stable

Published 2020-03-11.

  • Bug fix: updates BuildVisualKeyboard for generating help documentation (#2807)
  • Bug fix: fixes issue with addKeyboards Cloud API call (#2797)

13.0.101 stable

Published 2020-03-06.

  • Bug fix: support .otf extension for web fonts (#2781)

13.0.39 beta

Published 2020-02-14.

  • Bug fix: spurious console warnings generated for desktop-based keyboards used in touch mode (#2647)
  • Change: Updated predictive-text banner styling (#2629)

13.0.38 beta

Published 2020-02-13.

  • Bug fix: language menu not positioned correctly for touch-based devices (#2642)

13.0.33 beta

Published 2020-02-03.

  • Bug fix: BKSP not working corrrectly with design-mode iframes (#2561)

13.0.32 beta

Published 2020-01-30.

  • Bug fix: Predictive-text tweaks for RTL language lexical models (#2553, #2554)
  • Bug fix: Fixed external keyboard key "tab" for embedded devices (#2546)

13.0.31 beta

Published 2020-01-28.

  • Start version 13.0
  • Feature: iOS dark mode support (#2468, #2484)
  • Bug fix: Scroll characters into view on Chrome when editing (#2514)
  • Bug fix: Support SMP characters in Trie lexical models (#2477, #2518)
  • Bug fix: Prevents infinite loop (w timeout) for ui init when embedded (#2476)
  • Bug fix: Fixes issue with keyboards requiring special state notifications, such as the CJK picker keyboards (#2187, 12.0:#2194)
  • Bug fix: Fix for iOS Safari's "Request Desktop Website" option disabling touch interactivity (#2268, 12.0:#2283)
  • Bug fix: Fix for keyboards using rules with the nul statement that replace the full context (#2274, 12.0:#2284)
  • Bug fix: Fixes issue with mnemonic keyboard handling of backspace and delete keys (#2287, 12.0:#2288)
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+Shift+double-click of status bar in OSK was not showing version number (#2309)
  • Bug fix: displayUnderlying flag was being ignored (#2353, 12.0:#2355)
  • Bug fix: Firefox on macOS was not being detected correctly (#2381, 12.0:#2383)
  • Bug fix: Default word breaker for lexical models was not working correctly (#2405)
  • Bug fix: Default word breaker for lexical models did not support old platforms (#2440, 12.0:#2434)
  • Change: Updates to build environment (#2354, 12.0:#2364)
  • Change: Updates to build environment only (#2371, 12.0:#2372)

12.0.106 stable

Published 2019-12-18.

  • Bug fix: Default word breaker for lexical models did not support old platforms (#2434)

12.0.105 stable

Published 2019-11-28.

  • Bug fix: Keyman was not working on old Android browsers (#2358)
  • Bug fix: Firefox on macOS was not being detected correctly (#2383)

12.0.104 stable

Published 2019-11-26.

  • Bug fix: displayUnderlying flag was being ignored (#2355)
  • Change: Updates to build environment (#2364)

12-0.103 stable

Published 2019-11-25.

  • Change: Updates to build environment only (#2372)

12.0.102 stable

Published 2019-11-13.

  • Bug fix: Fixes issue with mnemonic keyboard handling of backspace and delete keys (#2288)
  • Bug fix: Fix for iOS Safari's "Request Desktop Website" option disabling touch interactivity (#2283)
  • Bug fix: Fix for keyboards using rules with the nul statement that replace the full context (#2284)

12.0.101 stable

Published 2019-10-10.

  • Bug fix: Fixes issue with keyboards requiring special state notifications, such as the CJK picker keyboards (#2194)

12.0.100 stable

Published 2019-10-07.

  • Release 12.0

12.0.90 beta

Published 2019-10-04.

  • Fixes next-layer management complications with predictive correction data computation (#2172)

12.0.87 beta

Published 2019-10-01.

  • Fixes the setLastActiveElement API function for touch form factors (#2151)

12.0.86 beta

Published 2019-09-23.

  • Fixes issue in Toolbar UI for some keyboards with language ids that include subtags (#2116)
  • Fixes issue with '=' key use on certain platforms in Firefox (#2118)

12.0.85 beta

Published 2019-09-20.

  • Adds failsafe in case of sticky backspace scenarios, making it simpler to cancel. (#2107)

12.0.83 beta

Published 2019-09-10.

  • Enables scrolling for long suggestions in the mobile-only predictive text banner (#2071)

12.0.82 beta

Published 2019-09-09.

  • Fixes output of the 102nd key for touch keyboards using desktop layouts (#2064)

12.0.81 beta

Published 2019-09-06.

  • For keyboards compiled with Developer 12.0 onward, default key caps will no longer be provided. (#2045)

12.0.80 beta

Published 2019-09-04.

  • Fixed issue with 'pt' and unitless font size specifications for keyboard layouts (#2033)
  • Slightly enhanced error logging for internal events (#2037)

12.0.79 beta

Published 2019-09-03.

  • Tweaks suggestion banner behavior after multiple backspaces. (#2027)

12.0.78 beta

Published 2019-09-02.

  • Fixes erroneous 'beep' feedback on mobile form-factors (#2013)
  • Longpress menu disappears properly after selecting a subkey (#2013)

12.0.76 beta

Published 2019-08-09.

  • The suggestion banner will no longer activate if predictions are not enabled, regardless of correction state. (#1960)

12.0.75 beta

Published 2019-08-07.

  • Fixes issue where keyboard name / language caption was missing from spacebar (#1937)

12.0.74 beta

Published 2019-08-06.

  • Fixes issue with an extra space being added after accepted predictive suggestions (#1936)

12.0.72 beta

Published 2019-07-29.

  • Initial beta release of KeymanWeb 12

  • Pull Requests

  • New Features:

    • Began adding support for our common LMLayer interface for predictive modeling.
    • Implemented WebWorker background thread for the heavy lifting; all API calls with relevant return values return Promises.
    • Provides API for the following language-modeling functions:
      • predict - Prediction of user's desired word based on context and recent input
      • Also returns a tagged prediction corresponding to the original context state.
      • Corrections are currently limited to the most recent input keystroke.
      • Accepts a probability distribution for the most recent keystroke, which is be used to weight prediction probabilities
      • wordbreak - Performs wordbreaking on the current context state
      • A default wordbreaker based on the Unicode specification is provided as a default.
    • Implements a common "template" for weighted wordlist lexical model functionality:
      • Accepts a "search term to key" function to facilitate common corrections, such as diacritics, during prediction lookups.
      • Predictions are weighted based on their frequency and their input likelihood (based on keystroke probabilities).
    • Accepts fully-specified custom lexical models that do not rely on model "templates."
  • Changes:

    • Resumed TypeScript conversion work, resulting in significant internal restructuring and reorganization while leaving our published API intact.
    • Mobile web "touch alias" elements have been refactored into their own type.
    • Heavily reorganizes and refactors the keystroke processing engine of KMW.
      • Attachment to all supported element types has now been abstracted, splitting keystroke processing from related DOM management.
      • Centralizes code paths to improve parity between hardware and OSK-based keystrokes.
    • In both cases above, significant unit testing was facilitated and has been added as a result, further improving code maintainability into the future.

11.0.225 stable

Published 2019-04-25.

  • Fixes bug with Mandarin Chinese 'picker' UI

11.0.222 stable

Published 2019-02-27.

  • Fixes bug with OSK keys set as if on a different layer from the one they are actually on (#1628)

11.0.221 stable

Published 2019-02-26.

  • Fixes bug with the Toolbar UI (#1629)

11.0.220 stable

Published 2019-02-25.

  • 11.0 Stable release

11.0.208 beta

Published 2019-02-25.

  • KeymanWeb now works again in Safari on iOS 9.3.5 (#1588)

11.0.206 beta

Published 2019-01-18.

  • Change: Update beta version and remove hardcoded version strings (#1537)

11.0.205 beta

Published 2019-01-17.

  • New Feature: The displayUnderlying flag for showing base layout key caps is now available per-platform. (#1539)
  • Bug Fix: Fix missing text on spacebar and update Karma version (#1540)

11.0.204 beta

Published 2019-01-15.

  • No changes

11.0.203 beta

Published 2019-01-11.

  • Add default mapping for K_oE2 (102nd key) (#1491)

11.0.202 beta

Published 2019-01-04.

  • Bug Fix: Fixed external keyboard keys "tab" and "backspace" for embedded platforms (#1474)

11.0.201 beta

Published 2019-01-03.

  • New Feature: Adds the alignInputs() API function to facilitate touch-alias element work-arounds in case of future issues. (#69)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed keyboard layer transition bug on mobile devices. (#978)

11.0.200 beta

Published 2019-01-02.

  • Initial beta release of KeymanWeb 11

  • Pull Requests

  • New Features:

    • Added setNumericLayer() for embedded platforms to change OSK to numeric layer. (#1218)
    • Added support for Promises to init() and setActiveKeyboard(). (#1432)
  • Changes:

    • Added OSK bulk rendering script for testing (#1432)
    • Code refactors (#1403)
  • Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed issue where file extensions are upper-case, e.g. ".TTF" (#1333)
    • Fixed keyboard layout issues after mobile device rotations. (#1393)
    • Fixed issue with oversized key text on some keyboards. (#1421)
    • Fixed issue with diacritics not displaying on some keyboards. (#1407)
    • Fixed issue with virtual key case sensitivity (#1394)
    • Fixed multiple issues on iOS (#1393)
    • Fixed issues with language duplication in toolbar UI (#1284)
    • Fixed crashes (#1057)
    • Adds the alignInputs() API function to facilitate touch-alias element work-arounds in case of future issues. (#1452)

10.0.103 stable

Published 2018-07-06.

  • Fixes issue for embedded Android, iOS apps where a keyboard with varying row counts in different layers could crash (#1055)

10.0.100 stable

Published 2018-06-28.

  • 10.0 stable release

10.0.99 beta

Published 2018-06-27.

  • Fixes issue where next layer was not correctly selected when the first longpress key pressed (#1027)

10.0.98 beta

Published 2018-06-26.

  • Fixes miskey when pressing between two keys on iOS (#1020)

10.0.97 beta

Published 2018-06-21.

  • Fixes an issue where cancelling a touch event could cause the keyboard to throw an error on Android (#1014)

10.0.96 beta

Published 2018-06-20.

  • Fixes edge case issue with deadkeys in complex keyboards with multiple groups (#1008)

10.0.95 beta

Published 2018-06-15.

  • No substantial changes.

10.0.94 beta

Published 2018-06-13.

  • No substantial changes.

10.0.93 beta

Published 2018-06-11.

  • Platform tests (in keyboards) are now consistent across all platforms (#969)

10.0.92 beta

Published 2018-05-22.

  • (Embedded) Fixes out-of-order key events in Keyman for iOS (does not affect web hosted keyboard) (#865)

10.0.91 beta

Published 2018-05-09.

  • Fixes basic support for mnemonic keyboards. (#517)
    • At this time, all mnemonic keyboards will assume a US keyboard layout within KeymanWeb.

10.0.90 beta

Published 2018-05-08.

  • Fixes support for Keyman-language 'beep' statements as part of keyboard stores. (#733)

10.0.89 beta

Published 2018-05-07.

  • Fixes an issue with case sensitive virtual keys used by some Keyman keyboards. (#162)

10.0.88 beta

Published 2018-04-30.

  • Fixes some left/right modifier issues (#797)

10.0.87 beta

Published 2018-04-25.

  • Fixes some issues with default key output (#772)

10.0.86 beta

Published 2018-04-25.

  • Fixes display of popup keys representing modifiers and other special characters. (#698)

10.0.85 beta

Published 2018-03-26.

  • No substantial changes.

10.0.84 beta

Published 2018-03-23.

  • Fixed a single test case (#703).

10.0.83 beta

Published 2018-03-22.

  • Initial beta for KeymanWeb v 10.0.

10.0 alpha

  • Updated versioning scheme for uniformity across all Keyman products.
  • Reworked the KeymanWeb attachment model significantly to allow greater user control. (#98)
    • The 'kmw-disabled' flag may now be used to automatically enable and disable KMW for attached controls.
    • Attachment is now separate from the enabled and disabled state of a control.
    • New API functions have been added: detachFromControl, enableControl, disableControl, setKeyboardForControl.
  • Removed old code directed at legacy browsers no longer supported. (#212)
  • Refactored code paths relating to KMW's embedding in the iOS and Android apps. (#211)
  • Added support for L/R Alt and Ctrl modifiers for keyboards. (#9) (#52)
  • Added support for use of the Caps Lock state within keyboards if specified by a keyboard designer.
  • Reworked the keyboard-interfacing API calls and base layout of KeymanWeb (#349)
  • Fixed keyboard loading upon initialization, redundant cloud requests for keyboards. (#103)
  • Fixed next-layer processing (#116) (#358)
  • Fixed auto-attaching mode bug. (#352)
  • Set the default behavior of KMW to auto-attach for all devices, rather than only desktops. (#375)
  • Fixed key codes for longpress keys and handle default keys beyond U_FFFF
  • Enhanced the removeKeyboards API function (#5)
  • Fixed an issue with the Toolbar UI under certain scenarios (#271)
  • New feature: physical keyboard input now supported on touch-enabled inputs. (#237) (#311)
    • Note that hardware-based keyboard input will always follow 'hardware' and 'desktop' platform rules to ensure consistency.
  • Fixed behavior of longpress subkeys specifying (layer-default) modifier settings. (#161)
  • Converted KeymanWeb (largely) to TypeScript and streamlined the code to reflect new minimum requirements.
  • Fixed styling of "Special" keys on touch layouts
  • Added automated testing for KeymanWeb builds. (#350)
  • Fixed bugs in the handling of deadkeys. (#281)
  • Change from ISO 639-3 language codes to BCP-47 language codes
  • Now generates 'change' and 'input' events from keyboard and OSK input (#42) (#571)

2.0.473 stable

Published 2017-07-10.

  • 2.0 stable release build.
  • Removed a build warning. (#125)
  • Fixed bug with longpress menus not working correctly on symbol/numeric layers (#115)

2.0.465 beta

Published 2017-07-04.

  • Fixed issues with the Bookmarklet feature not loading correctly. (#112)

2.0.464 beta

Published 2017-06-29.

  • Fix for broken keys in hardware keyboards on Android devices (#110)

2.0.463 beta

Published 2017-06-27.

  • Reworked keyboard load to provide clearer and faster feedback on errors, improve performance (#87)

2.0.460 beta

Published 2017-06-21.

  • Automated build configuration with enhanced build scripts (#102)

2.0.453 stable

Published 2017-06-16.

  • KeymanWeb now supports MutationObservers for dynamically added and removed input elements on the page when the initialization option attachType is set to auto and will attach/detach to these automatically. (#29)
  • The touch implementation now supports keyboards with layers of differing row counts (#53)
  • KeymanWeb support on touchscreen laptops is now greatly improved when not in touch-oriented mode (#61)
  • Updated the source for compatibility and removal of warnings when building under the latest versions of Google Closure (#72)
  • Updated copyright messages (#96)
  • General improvements to the KeymanWeb build paths (#95)
  • Fix bugs where setActiveKeyboard would fail, and setting default keyboards fail (#94)

2.0.394 stable

Published 2015-06-26.

  • Added Android-specific OSK styling for phones and tablets.

2.0.393 beta

Published 2015-06-18.

  • Corrected text label for added popup copy of base key.

2.0.392 beta

Published 2015-06-18.

  • Key highlighting behavior corrected.
  • OSK key sizes corrected.

2.0.391 beta

Published 2015-06-18.

  • Fixed text on key preview.

2.0.390 stable

Published 2015-06-11.

  • Updated CSS for vertical centering of text on keys.

2.0.389 stable

Published 2015-06-02.

  • Corrected key preview/popup key interaction on phones.

2.0.388 beta

Published 2015-05-28.

  • Key preview further corrected for compatibility with embedded iOS apps.

2.0.387 beta

Published 2015-05-26.

  • Key preview logic corrected for KMEI, KMEI-specific code moved out of kmwosk.js.

2.0.386 stable

Published 2015-05-22.

  • Key preview now fully tested, excluded for space bar, special keys, and popup keys.

2.0.385 beta

Published 2015-05-15.

  • Further changes to key preview and key highlighting.

2.0.384 beta

Published 2015-05-14.

  • Changed key preview to key highlighting for space bar and special keys.

2.0.383 beta

Published 2015-05-12.

  • Corrected moveOver, backspace key, preview management.

2.0.382 beta

Published 2015-05-12.

  • Changed integration of key preview notification (for embedded KMW).
  • Corrected key highlighting behavior.
  • Fix nearestKey() error if returning null.

2.0.381 stable

Published 2015-05-07.

  • Single keyboard event model replacing separate key events.
  • Added changes to static layout.

2.0.380 stable

Published 2015-04-24.

  • Fix inconsistency from adjustHeights issue.

2.0.379 beta

Published 2015-04-24.

  • Trap errors in adjustHeights().

2.0.378 beta

Published 2015-04-24.

  • Correct adjustHeights().

2.0.377 stable

Published 2015-02-16.

  • Consolidation from separate development builds, no significant changes.
  • Fixed application of embedded font to OSK. (#7)

2.0.376 stable

Published 2015-01-23.

  • RTL set on entry, add support for SVG (for system keyboard fonts).
  • Added delay between installing and activating keyboards. (#6)

2.0.375 stable

Published 2014-11-11.

  • First open source build.
  • OSK key text truncated on phones. (#1)

2.0.369 beta

Published 2014-10-28.

  • Adjust OSK padding and margin in CSS.

2.0.368 beta

Published 2014-10-25.

  • Correct remote paths to keyboards, resources and fonts to correctly reference cloud server.

2.0.367 beta

Published 2014-10-24.

  • Prevent failure if bad arguments provided in request for meta-data sent to keyman cloud, warn user if unrecognized language given.

2.0.366 beta

Published 2014-10-24.

  • Fix addKeyboards() and related code to return complete keyboard list if called with no arguments.
  • Correct invalid return values in smpstring.js.
  • Remove debug reference from kmwtoggle.js.
  • kmwbase.js: accept file: as protocol for page or resource references.
  • Expose font checking as isFontAvailable(name) to allow site developers to check that a custom font has in fact been installed by the user's browser. (This was added partly to make it possible to know if cross-source font loading was being prevented, as by Firefox unless an override option is set. Not currently used, as use during page loading is problematic.)

2.0.365 stable

Published 2014-10-20.

  • Source, output and samples directories reorganized and new build.bat files added.

2.0.364 stable

Published 2014-10-17.

  • Updated initialization (and other) code to handle file:// when loading page directly from source rather than form a web site.
  • Tidy up OSK styles.

2.0.363 stable

Published 2014-10-17.

  • Added conditionallyHideOsk() to hide OSK if anywhere except mapped input touched except when scrolling.
  • Get more accurate (browser and device-dependent) device width for touch devices.
  • Add pixel-based scaling for OSK, move styles from js to CSS where possible.
  • Remove duplicated code for mouse event handling.
  • Add class modifier (kmw-5rows) to apply different scaling for 5-row keyboards in CSS.
  • Prevent failure if requested keyboard font unavailable, set default options (native.js).
  • Moved some default code back to keymanweb.js from native.js. (Can be overridden in embedded.js)
  • Moved option key and rotation event handling to native.js (not used by KMEI/KMEA).
  • kmwbase.js - add stub functions to avoid failure if initialization delayed, add exception trapping to viewport scaling.

2.0.362 stable

Published 2014-09-05.

  • Fixed addKeyboards() and related functions for loading keyboards fro the cloud or local files.
  • Added addKeyboardsByLanguage().
  • Added doKeyboardUnregistered() function to handle kmw.registered again if the list of registered keyboards changes to allow external UI to update language/keyboard menus.
  • Modified installKeyboard to use the file name as a parameter rather than the stub object.
  • Removed remaining domain validation code, revised path reference resolution during initialization.
  • OSK - qualify styles by OS, correct style name for OSK frame.
  • Add support for keyboard-specific style sheets.
  • Desktop UIs - set default keyboard to English to allow mapping to remain active, update menus after loading or unloading keyboard references.
  • Keyboard load wait indicator disabled when loading local keyboards.
  • Added member lists of languages and stubs to allow deferred loading of metadata from cloud.
  • kmwbase.js: update code for getting path and protocol from executing script.

2.0.361 stable

Published 2014-07-31.

  • Added addKeyboards and related functions to load keyboards from the cloud server.
  • Moved alignInputs to native.js.
  • Removed explicit references to KeymanTouch from shared code.
  • Moved keyboard load timer and device rotation handling to native.js, excluded from embedded.js.
  • Moved OSK refresh, keyboard load fail warning to native.js.

2.0.360 stable

Published 2014-07-25.

  • Moved keyboard path and root path resolution to getKeyboardPath() function (for KMEW/KMEI branching).
  • Moved all KMEI/KMEA specific code to embedded.js, KMEW specific code to native.js.
  • Removed duplicated keymanweb.addEventListener function.
  • OSK - correct popup delay, moved showKeyTip() and popup-key highlighting to native.js. (Not used by KMEI/KMEA).
  • OSK - moved KMEI/KMEI specific code to embedded.js.
  • KMW and OSK - added mouse event handlers for desktop simulation.
  • OSK - use getStyleSheetPath() to separate KMEW from KMEI/KMEA paths.
  • OSK - move font check code to native.js.
  • kmwbase.js - added fontCheckTimer(), updated help URL, added default event handlers to replace inline handlers where possible, changed myPath(srcFile) to require name of source file to be used to identify path.
  • kmwbase.js - moved keyboard loading wait() function to kmwnative.js (not used by embedded apps).

2.0.359 stable

Published 2014-06-12.

  • Moved all key tip and key preview (KMEA, KMEI) code to highlight on/off function.
  • Added call to kmw.keyboardchange event from OSK language menu change.

2.0.358 stable

Published 2014-06-12.

  • Added call to oskClearKeyPreview() to cancel display of key preview window (where appropriate) by KMEA, KMEI.

2.0.357 stable

Published 2014-05-08.

  • Now calls oskCreateKeyPreview in KMEA, KMEI to support display of local key preview windows on those devices.
  • Corrected language menu on touch devices to ensure that the keyboard selector buttons remain visible when multiple keyboards are available for one language.

2.0.356 beta

Published 2014-05-08.

  • Correct keyboard load sequencing (KMEW-101).

2.0.355 stable

Published 2014-05-02.

  • Added code to executePopupKey to fully support unmapped key fallback processing.

2.0.354 beta

Published 2014-05-01.

  • Corrected code in executePopupKey to support layer mapping from native apps.
  • Reduced popup delay time if user slides touch point up toward popup window.
  • Reduced OSK spacebar caption line spacing and text size (CSS change and new class for spacebar caption parent).

2.0.352 beta

Published 2014-05-01.

  • Reduced popup key delay when sending popup data to native keyman app (Keyman for iPhone, Keyman for Android). Does not affect Keyman for Web.

2.0.351 beta

Published 2014-05-01.

  • Removed debug alert (affected IE only).

2.0.350 stable

Published 2014-04-24.

  • Corrected handling of U_xxxx virtual key codes to support all values except control codes.
  • Adjusted pop-key positioning.
  • Add support for code conditioning by layer (KIFS statement).

2.0.349 stable

Published 2014-04-17.

  • Added 'keytip' labels to phone layouts, removed simulated (pop-up key) labels. Increased delay before displaying pop-up keys to 0.5 sec.
  • Hide non-functional keyboard layers and remove any shift-key references to such layers.

2.0.348 stable

Published 2014-04-03.

  • keymanweb.BuildVisualKeyboard (exposed) function restored to allow an image of the keyboard for any device to be displayed (or printed) using a desktop browser.
  • Updated file locations: if keyboard (or font) file URL start with /,./ or ../, load with respect to current page; if URL includes :, treat as absolute, otherwise prepend keyboards (or fonts) path to given file name.

2.0.347 beta

  • Change all key ids to Keyman Desktop names, remove all duplicate names, and renumber special (non-outputting) keys from 50000.
  • Add special handling to distinguish between K_xxxx (mapped physical keys), T_xxxx (named touch keys), U_xxxx (touch keys with default Unicode output).
  • Extend and correct KIFS handling to constrain rules according to touch/physical keyboard, platform, form factor and browser/application.
  • Add device.browser member, extend identification of IE version to include IE11.
  • Fix incorrect language menu position for Firefox on Android.

2.0.346 beta

  • Correct font path to allow use of page-relative fonts. (Remove all absolute paths from code.).

2.0.345 beta

  • Prevent display of undefined OSK layers.
  • Set default font family for each OSK key (not only for entire OSK).
  • Expose function 'correctOSKTextSize()' to allow app to correct OSK text size.
  • Change pop-up key element id from 'subkey-...' to 'popup-[layer]-...' e.g. change subkey-K_A to popup-default-K_A. (KMEW-93).
  • Ensure that popup keys managed by device are correctly cancelled.
  • Apply modifier state to popup keys. (KMEW-93).

2.0.344 beta

  • Add charset=UTF-8 to script tags to ensure correct interpretation of keyboards loaded by non-UTF-8 page. (KMEW-89).
  • Correct font scaling on phone devices. (KMEW-90, KBDS-5).
  • Add support for platform-dependent font size specification. (KMEW-90, KBDS-5).

2.0.343 stable

Published 2014-03-28.

  • Now supports WordPress plug-in on touch devices as well as desktop. (KMEW-79).
  • Correct layout issues with Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers on Android, but abandon support for native Android browsers, as behaviour varies too much between devices and Android versions, which do not always display embedded (complex) fonts. (KMEW-82, KMEW-83).
  • Default embedded font format for Android is now TTF (as well as for other platforms).
  • Fix duplicated element border and background display.
  • Prevent touchend event propagation (causing unwanted behaviour).
  • Correct focus when moving between mapped and unmapped elements.

2.0.342 beta

  • Correct OSK key sizing and appearance (especially Firefox).
  • Correct language selection from language menu (manage change of focus).
  • Correct duplicated element transparency.

2.0.341 beta

  • Hide OSK when moving to unmapped input.
  • Correct browser-dependent alignment of duplicated input elements.
  • Match duplicated INPUT element height and spacing with base element.
  • Cache keyboard input context strings to optimize rule processing (MCD).
  • Prevent OSK disappearing when moving to next element.
  • Support email and url input types (as well as text and search).
  • Resize inputs after a rotation (Android browsers).
  • Handle device rotation for Firefox browser.
  • Recognize and correctly manage non-iOS devices that identify as iPad or iPhone in user agent string. (Android does not handle gesture events.)

2.0.340 beta

  • Handle viewport scaling to remove fixed scaling restriction, required for WordPress Plug-In.
  • Correct duplicated touch-screen input element for box-sizing and parent element attributes.
  • Now use script-dependent character strings to check loading of embedded fonts.
  • Sort input elements by position (once) rather than each time Tab is pressed. (KMEW-24).
  • Add support for direct write to element by Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad, Keyman Engine for Android.
  • Handle device rotation using orientationchange event instead of resize event, and rescale OSK keys after a rotation. (Corrects resizing issue on iOS7.).
  • Handle Enter/Return from OSK for search and submit input types.
  • Correct OSK height and support external call by Keyman Engines for iPhone, iPad, Android.
  • Handle blur event for duplicated input fields, and remove onfocus handler, since required behaviour is performed by touchstart handler.
  • Recognize KeymanTouch “Mobile” and “Tablet” application identifiers and select form factor accordingly.
  • Disable base elements on touch devices instead of setting readonly, to prevent base elements from ever receiving focus.
  • Correct OSK key highlighting.
  • Correct display and hiding of pop-up keys (especially for KeymanTouch).
  • Adjust size and position of OSK and language menu for viewport and device-dependent scaling.

2.0.339 beta

  • Identify Android version from user agent string.
  • Manage double-tap zoom on Android native browsers (not completely effective).
  • Support direct character insertion and pop-up key cancellation for KeymanTouch..

2.0.338 beta

  • Use absolute key positions for OSK.
  • Manage standard keyboard layers on touch devices.
  • Allow external control of OSK height (KeymanTouch).

2.0.337 beta

  • Correct ‘wait’ window behaviour.
  • Prevent crash if keyboard stylesheet unavailable.

2.0.336 beta

  • Correct API calls for returning keyboard metadata.
  • Add new icons to desktop OSK title bar.
  • Truncate long language names in toolbar UI.

2.0.335 beta

  • Correct initialization timing.
  • Add call-back to allow UI to manage OSK display events.
  • Correct display of desktop ‘toggle’ UI.

2.0.334 beta

  • Fix multi-touch response when hiding language menu on touch devices.
  • Add special key recognition based on names instead of key IDs.
  • Use custom alert for displaying build on touch devices.

2.0.333 beta

  • Add support to allow KeymanTouch to manage iPad as well as iPhone.
  • Add support for new special numeric, symbol and currency OSK layers.
  • Correct OSK row sizing.
  • Add single-key pop-up as temporary solution for enlarging visible key on phone devices.
  • Correct OSK cookie behaviour (for desktop browsers).
  • Correct desktop UI initialization timing.

2.0.332 beta

  • Recognize special numeric, symbol and currency OSK layers.

2.0.331 beta

  • Rename attribute for embedded font files from ‘source’ to ‘files’.

2.0.330 beta

  • Rename embedded font location option from ‘fontSource’ to ‘fonts’.
  • Correct OSK initialization timing for subscription model.

2.0.329 beta

  • Support downloadable embedded fonts using added style-sheets.
  • Correct computed styles for non-IE browsers.
  • Fix non-ASCII key-cap labels for non-English layouts.
  • Manage scroll behaviour on language menu.
  • Rename duplicated input element class as ‘keymanweb-input’ (was ‘KMW-input’).
  • Align duplicated elements with base elements after a rotation or resize.
  • Set font for base elements according to keyboard and possibly embedded font.
  • Use root-relative paths for fonts and other resources.

2.0.327 beta

  • Add API call ‘moveToElement’ to allow UI or page to set focus.
  • Correct appearance and behaviour of toolbar UI.

2.0.325 beta

  • Correct resource paths.
  • Fix alert window closure.
  • Recognize own name as ‘keymanios’ and fix resource path for KeymanTouch applications.
  • Clarify keyboard load failure message.
  • Set US English as default keyboard.
  • Correct determination of resource path.
  • Delay touch device and UI initialization until page and all code loaded.
  • Define special key codes for special layer selection.
  • Support repeat on backspace for touch devices.
  • Correct popup key font and text size.
  • Fix language menu background behaviour.
  • Add language menu index strip and highlight language menu key before selecting language.
  • Remove explicit styles from code, add to default style sheet.
  • Correct OSK size according to device (screen height and width reported differently by different devices).
  • Add keycap labels for phonetic keyboards on touch devices.
  • Use special font lookup for modifier and other special function keys.
  • Revise (and simplify) default touch layout.
  • Correct focus management for desktop toolbar UI.

2.0.320 beta

  • Now takes language properties from keyboard descriptor (stub), not from keyboard, correcting problem with Eurolatin and other keyboards used for many different languages. (KMEW-26).
  • Remove (obsolete) shadow and rounding style functions.
  • Add custom alert and wait messages.
  • Correct size and position of duplicated touch-device input elements.
  • Add exposed function for selecting active input element.
  • Prevent handling non-mappable input types.
  • Add timeout to keyboard load.
  • Add special initialization for KeymanTouch.
  • Correct handling of saved language cookie.
  • Re-align inputs on rotation.
  • Correct keyboard registration issues.
  • Add or correct calls for external UI management of OSK.
  • Use classes to highlight OSK keys when touched.
  • Correct positioning of pop-up key arrays.
  • Move explicit OSK styles to CSS classes.

2.0.315 beta

Published 2013-01-25.

  • Add function for removal of external style sheet.
  • Add function to automatically focus first mapped element on page.
  • Corrected language menu behaviour.
  • Moved language indicator to space bar.
  • Redesign of language menu on touch screen devices.

2.0.310 beta

  • Corrected keyboard mapping context error (KMEW-1).
  • Fixed touch input element scrollbar positioning error (KMEW-5).
  • Add function to manage loading external style sheets.
  • (Many other developmental changes.)

2.0.300 beta

Published 2011-08-26.

  • First version of KeymanWeb with touch screen support.