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Utility Module

The KeymanWeb Utility Function module is exposed to the developer as window.tavultesoft.keymanweb.util.

addStyleSheet Function
Add or override default On-Screen Keyboard styles.
alert Function
Customized alert window.
attachDOMEvent Function
Attach user-defined event handler for any DOM event for an element.
createElement Function
Create an unselectable HTML element for the KeymanWeb On-Screen keyboard and User Interfaces.
createShim Function
Create a 'shim' IFrame element to control display of overlapped elements.
detachDOMEvent Function
Detach DOM event handler from element to prevent memory leaks.
getAbsolute Function
Get the absolute position of an element.
getAbsoluteX Function
Get the absolute y-coordinate of an element.
getAbsoluteY Function
Get the absolute y-coordinate of an element.
getIEVersion Function
Get browser version (where browser-dependent code needed).
getOption Function
Get a KeymanWeb, On-Screen Keyboard or User Interface option value.
hideShim Function
Hides the 'shim' IFrame element.
linkStyleSheet Function
Add a reference to an external stylesheet file.
isTouchDevice Function
Allow external callers (such as UIs) to detect if the active device is touch sensitive.
loadCookie Function
Get a document cookie, or an array of all document cookies.
rgba Function
Browser-independent alpha-channel management.
removeStyleSheet Function
Remove user-defined style sheet.
saveCookie Function
Save document variables as a cookie.
setOption Function
Set a KeymanWeb, On-Screen Keyboard or User Interface option value.
showShim Function
Inserts a 'shim' IFrame element to manage display of overlapped elements.
toFloat Function
Floating conversion with default.
toNumber Function
Integer conversion with default.
toNzString Function
Returns default string value if argument is null, false, an empty string, or undefined.