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Vai Typewriter (Athinkra) Keyboard Help

A Keyman keyboard for the Vai language of Liberia, developed by the team at Athinkra, LLC. This keyboard uses fewer keystrokes than the "Vai (Athinkra)" keyboard and is more ergonomic.

Because there are so many characters in the Vai script, this keyboard requires multiple keystrokes to access most of the characters.

Keyboard Layout

Vowel marks and nasilized vowels are on the corresponding vowel keys.

To type a consonant, you must type the consonant first, and then the vowel. For example:

    ɓꔀ (be) will produce ꔇ.

The hyphen characters on the RIGHT ALT layer are used for accessing historic syllables. Type the character followed by a vowel and the historic syllable will be formed. There are not historic syllables for every vowel, so the hyphen may remain in the text unexpectedly).

Desktop Keyboard Layout

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