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Balochi Phonetic Keyboard Help

This keyboard layout is designed for Balochi. It includes an on screen keyboard which can be viewed by clicking on the Keyman icon and selecting the On Screen Keyboard menu item. Similar keyboards are also available for other desktop and mobile platforms.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Tablet Keyboard Layout

Phone Keyboard Layout

For Android and iOS, you may use long press key combinations.


1.3 (20 Jan 2020)

  • Put feh, hah and tatweel on the shift level since they are not used in the
  • Balochi alphabet. In their place put fatah, kasreh and shin. Also moved the
  • Arabic yeh to unused shift Y. Other shifted letters moved around to accomodate.
  • Other minor changes.

1.2 (9 Aug 2019)

  • Removed deadkeys for Indic numbers. Use ctrl combination instead.
  • Added the zero-width joiner and better visuals for the zero-width non-joiner.
  • Added ', ", :, and - to desktop versions.

1.1.2 (4 Mar 2019)

  • Remove all but the bcc language code.

1.1.1 (18 Jun 2018)

  • No change. Package version to match keyboard.

1.1 (6 Sep 2017)

  • Keys rearranged, damma added and Persian numbers added.

1.0 (14 Aug 2017)

  • Initial version

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