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BJ-OjiCree (Kingfisher) Keyboard Help

Keyboard Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Bill Jancewicz


This keyboard is designed for the Oji-Cree syllabic script used in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The keyboard has been developed to make it easy to type all of the symbols necessary for Oji-Cree. This keyboard is fully compliant with the Unicode Standard.

Basic Function

This keyboard is phonetic. The basic consonant+vowel syllabic characters are formed as a result of pressing the equivalent Latin letters. For example, type na to get , and type ni to get . Type the vowel a second time to get the dot over the character for "long" syllables: nii to get . For a consonant alone (finals) simply type the consonant not followed by a vowel: type niin to get ᓃᐣ. Finally, the "w" dot (mid-dot) is formed by typing the w key between the consonant and vowel: type nwa to get ᓇᐧ and nwaa to get ᓈᐧ.

On Screen Keyboard

The On Screen Keyboard view for this keyboard is simply a QWERTY US layout, since the keyboard equivalents are designed to match the Latin characters standard Oji-Cree syllabic chart.


This keyboard installs with the Unicode Aboriginal Syllabic font BJCreeUNI, which offers full support for the characters in Oji-Cree and other related languages.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Typing Guide

This typing guide is based on the standard Oji-Cree syllabic chart.

e i/ii o/oo a/aa finals
(h) ᐦ (l) ᓬ (r) ᕒ

Version History

  • Version 9.0.1 released 2016: Initial version
  • Version 9.0.2 released 2018: Add touch keyboard to package

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