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Harari (Lâtîn harfi) (deprecated) Keyboard Help

Harari (Lâtîn harfi) Unicode keyboard layout

Version 2.1

© 2009 State Library of Victoria and the Australian Saay Harari Association

This keyboard was developed to facilitate typing text written in Harari using a Latin orthography.

How to type in Harari

This keyboard layout was designed for use with the revised Harari Latin orthography adopted by the Harari Community Language schools in Melbourne, Australia. The Latin script is used to teach the younger Harari children their own language.




Shift Right-Alt

Typing additional characters

  1. Vowels with a circumflex: type the vowel then the left square bracket key, e.g. ( a[ yields â )
  2. Characters with a dot above: type the vowel then the right aquare braket key, e.g. ( s] yields ṡ )
  3. The back slashkey is used for typing the modifier letter apostrophe.


The Doulos SIL Compact and the Charis SIL Compact fonts are installed with the Harari (Latin) keyboard layout. Additional fonts include:

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