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Lao 2008 Basic Keyboard Help

The package includes the Lao Unicode (OpenType) font Saysettha OT and the Lao 2008 Basic keyboard.

The keyboard:

  • prevents accidentally overtyping vowel or tone marks;
  • has no re-ordering or automatic break insertion
  • provides word-wrap by manual entry of break characters at syllable or word boundaries

The keyboard outputs Lao Unicode characters according to the the official Lao standard layout, and may be used with any Lao Unicode font. Hidden break characters (Zero Width Space (ZWSP), U+200B) can be inserted by using the | key.

ZWSP is used to improve wrapping of text at the end of a line, but some applications use their own techniques to do this and may ignore the ZWSP.

Keyboard layout - Unshifted

Lao 2008 Basic keyboard layout: normal (default) state

Keyboard layout - with Shift

Lao 2008 Basic keyboard layout: shift state

Keyboard layout - with Right Alt

Lao 2008 Basic keyboard layout: AltGr state

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