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Naija Type Keyboard Help

This keyboard aims to serve all Nigerian languages, not just Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, using the standard characters normally recommended for each script.

Keyboard Layout

Desktop Keyboard Layout

  • Press a key like the letter you want then use the semicolon to change its shape.
    eg a ; → ə
    U ; → Ʉ
    U ; ; ; → U̱
  • Type the top-left back tick (`) and hold shift and press tilde (~) keys to add diacritics above the letter.
    eg a ` → á
    e ; ~ → ε̃
  • Keep pressing these special keys to move through different options.
  • Double press space bar to get a full stop followed by a space.

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

  • Press and hold a key for alternate characters similar to the letter you press. Then move your finger over to the letter you want.
  • For most punctuation press and hold the . (full stop / period) key or the comma key on the left of the keyboard.
  • Q and space have several combining letters so you can type o then hold on Q to choose the underline or underdot or an accent above.

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