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Newa Traditional Extended Keyboard Help

Extended Traditional Layout for Nepal Bhasa in Prachalit Newa Script.

Keyboard Layout

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Use dead key { for special characters like ! , @ etc

{ ! = !

{ @ = @

Detailed instructions for similar layout for नेपाली

Phone Keyboard Layout

While most of the layout remains the same as in desktop version, numerals have been moved to separate layer and some characters have been moved to longpress menu to account for limited screen estate. Wherever a long press menu is available, there is a small dot on right top of the key.

Notable longpresses

Normal State

  • 𑐟𑑂𑐬 is in 𑐟
  • 𑐅 is in 𑐄
  • 𑐋 is in 𑐊
  • 𑐺 is in 𑑂
  • 𑑅 is in 𑐵
  • 𑐤 is in 𑐣
  • 𑐖𑑂𑐘 is in 𑐖
  • 𑐭 is in 𑐬
  • 𑑌? are in 𑑋
  • 𑐷𑐸𑐹 are in 𑐶
  • non joining 𑐫𑑂‌ as in 𑐩𑐫𑑂‌𑐖𑐸 is in 𑐫

Shift State

  • 𑐍 is in 𑐌
  • 𑑊 is in 𑑉
  • 𑑄 is in 𑑃
  • 𑑁 is in 𑑀
  • zwj is in zwnj
  • 𑑚, are in 𑑍

Tablet Keyboard Layout

Similar to phone layout.

For Android and iOS, you may use long press key combinations.

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