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Arabic Phonetic (SIL) Keyboard Help

This is a keyboard for entering Arabic phonetically using a standard English keyboard.

Keyboard Layout

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

Usage Notes

This keyboard has several shortcuts to make it easier to type phonetically:

  • To make a long vowel, type the vowel twice. This is supported for:
    • aa (ا)
    • AA (آ)
    • uu (ؤ)
    • ee (إ)
  • Four other multiple key outputs are supported:
    • yx (ئ)
    • ao ( ً )
    • uo ( ٌ )
    • eo ( ٍ )
  • To add a Shadda (e.g. shown here on Beh, بّ), type the consonant twice
  • To type Allah (لله), type llh
  • Type any digit + > to get U+066C (thousands separator)
  • Type any digit + < to get U+066B (decimal separator)
  • To cycle through different variations of a letter, use the slash key (/). This is currently supported for:
    • alef/ain/fatha (a/)
    • dad/dal (d/)
    • heh/khah/hah (h/)
    • sad/sheen/seen (s/)
    • tah/teh marbuta/theh/zah/thal/teh (t/)

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