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Torwali (SIL) Keyboard Help


The Torwali (SIL) Keyman keyboard is designed to work with the Scheherazade font. However, you can use this keyboard with any extended Arabic script font. Unicode font.


This keyboard layout is designed for the Torwali language. It includes an on screen keyboard which can be viewed by clicking on the Keyman icon and selecting the On Screen Keyboard menu item.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Phone Keyboard Layout

Release History

Version 1.0, released 3 Jan 2019

Version 0.8.1, released 18 Jun 2018

Version 0.8, released 8 Feb 2018

Version 0.7, released 15 Dec 2017

Version 0.6, released 20 Jan 2017


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