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Tohono O'odham Keyboard Help


This keyboard enables people to type in the Tohono O'odham language on their Android smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad. Tohono O'odham is ISO639-3 language code OOD. It is spoken by about 15,000 people primarily in south-central Arizona, USA and northern Sonora, Mexico. This keyboard should work with any Unicode font.


Once you have installed the keyboard on your device (see documentation for iOS and Android devices) you will be able to use it to enter text. The keyboard layout is much like a normal qwerty keyboard, but certain keys support a long-press to activate a pop-up menu that selects alternative characters. Keys that support a long-press menu are marked with a dot in the upper right hand corner.

The main long-press keys used to type Tohono O'odham specific characters are:

  • i : menu allows input of i or ĭ
  • s : menu allows input of s or ṣ
  • d : menu allows input of d or ḍ
  • n : menu allows input of n, ñ, or ŋ

(c) 2018 James Wyly
Released under the MIT license

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