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Tunisian Spoken Arabic (deprecated) Keyboard Help

The Tunisian Spoken Arabic Keyman Keyboard Package


One keyboard is included in this package. This Keyman keyboard is based (with slight modifications) on the Microsoft “Arabic (Tunisia)” keyboard. It is not a mnemonic keyboard. It includes an on screen keyboard which can be viewed by clicking on the Keyman icon (in your taskbar) and selecting the On Screen Keyboard menu item. The keyboard will be associated with the Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language.


This package contains a Tunisian Spoken Arabic Keyman keyboard and Keyboard Layout.


The Tunisian Spoken Arabic Keyman keyboard is distributed under the SIL International X11-style License .


This keyboard will work with any Unicode Arabic script font that supports the characters required by the Tunisian Spoken Arabic language. If you do not have a suitable font, SIL's Scheherazade font will provide all the required characters.

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