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Keyman for Android

10.0 alpha

  • Refactor how longpress keys on touch layout are processed in KMW engine. This prevents key text from being processed as key codes, and fixes the app crash when longpress with K_SPACE.
  • Added support for L/R Alt and Ctrl and Caps Lock modifiers for keyboards if specified by a keyboard designer
  • Add feature to reset keyboard to default layer when new input field focused (keymanapp/keyman#288)
  • Removed "Share to Facebook" feature (keymanapp/keyman#156)
  • Fix dual keyboards that appear when closing Keyman Browser (keymanapp/keyman#220)

2.8.300 stable

Published 2017-08-10.

  • No changes, just published latest beta as stable

2.7.298 beta

Published 2017-07-14.

  • Fixed long-press popups to correctly show lower case and upper case letters
  • Fixed several hardware keyboard bugs involving SPACEBAR, TAB, and ENTER keys, and correctly displaying non-English languages
  • Removed license checks

2.4 stable

Published 2016-10-10.

  • Keyman is now free!
  • Keyman Pro renamed to Keyman
  • Keyman Free retired
  • Experimental support for hardware keyboards

2.2 stable

Published 2015-07-06.

  • Faster load, keyboard switching and more responsive touches
  • More stable, reduced memory requirements and addressed crashes
  • Improved look and feel including improved long-press menus
  • Smoother touch interactions and rapid touch interactions
  • Handles touches just outside a key more intelligently
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

2.1 stable

Published 2015-01-27.

  • New feature: Keyman browser allows use of your language online (Pro edition only)

2.0 stable

Published 2014-11-14.

  • Major release: split into Pro and Free editions, retired Beta edition
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.5 stable

Published 2014-09-26.

  • Added a new "Get Started" menu that lists key tasks such as adding a keyboard or implementing system wide keyboards
  • Other bug fixes

1.4 stable

Published 2014-06-30.

  • You will now see a key preview on phone devices when you touch a key
  • You can now swipe to select popup keys
  • Installed keyboards now have keyboard version and help available
  • European Latin keyboard no longer uses desktop-based shortcuts (e.g. .c no longer outputs ċ)
  • Improved lock screen compatibility
  • System keyboard no longer loses context or fails to respond on switch
  • Other minor bug fixes

1.3 stable

Published 2014-05-27.

  • Keyboards will update automatically when bug fixes or new features are added
  • Bug fix: A slightly longer press on a key would sometimes fail to input the keystroke
  • Default English keyboard is now enhanced for European language diacritics
  • Behind the scenes: Now uses Keyman Cloud API 3.0 for access to newest keyboard layouts
  • Other minor bug fixes

1.2 stable

Published 2014-04-22.

  • Install custom keyboards created with Keyman Developer 9

1.1 stable

Published 2014-02-27.

  • Keyman is now available as Android system keyboard.
  • Touch and hold keys crash issue solved for Android 4.0.3 - 4.0.4 devices
  • Keyman can now be launched from custom link keyman:// in a web page
  • Fixed bug with some keyboards loading with incorrect character set (instead of UTF-8)

1.0 stable

Published 2014-01-29.

  • Keyman for Android original release


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