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What's New

Here are some of the great things we have added to Keyman 14.0.

  • Renamed from Keyman Desktop to Keyman for Windows
  • Keyman keyboards are no longer hidden from the Windows language picker when you exit Keyman. Rather, if you select a Keyman keyboard, Keyman will be restarted for you automatically.
  • Simpler and Smoother Keyboard Search
  • Localizable UI through
  • Added user interface for configuring all Keyman system-level options (#3733)
  • Refreshed user interface no longer depends on Internet Explorer (#1720)
  • Smoother and more reliable installation of keyboard languages (#3509)
  • Choose associated language when keyboard is installed (#3524)
  • Much improved keyboard download experience (#3326)
  • Improved BCP 47 tag support (#3529)
  • Much improved initial download and installation experience including bundled keyboards (#3304)
  • Keyman Configuration changes now apply instantly (#3753)
  • Improved user experience when many keyboards installed (#3626, #3627)
  • Improved bootstrap installer
  • Now uses Chromium to host all web-based UI (e.g. Keyman Configuration)
  • Breaking change: Keyman Engine no longer supports the keyboard usage page (usage.htm)

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