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Install Keyboard/Package Dialog

This dialog shows you information about a keyboard layout or package before it is installed. The information displayed may include:

  • The names of the keyboard layouts to be installed

  • The current version number of the keyboard layout or package

  • A list of all fonts to be installed

  • The encoding standard - Unicode, ANSI, non-Unicode, etc.

  • Information on the author(s) of the keyboard layout or package

  • Website details for the keyboard layout or package

  • Copyright and terms of use information

  • Additional messages

  • Readme information (click on the Readme tab, if visible)

On a computer with multiple users, you may be prompted to choose between Install for all users and Install. Install for all users requires administrator approval. Install will install the keyboard layout only for the current user.

If the keyboard layout contains Welcome documentation, after clicking Install, you will be taken to the Welcome documentation for the keyboard layout. You can also access the Welcome documentation for the package or keyboard layout at any time by clicking on the Keyboard Usage icon in the On Screen Keyboard or from the Keyman Layouts tab of the Keyman Configuration menu, by selecting Show Introductory Help under the Options button for the specific keyboard layout.

If a previous version of the keyboard layout is already installed, you will be prompted to uninstall it during the installation process.

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