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Language Configuration Tasks dialog

Keyman Desktop displays the Language Configuration Tasks dialog when it detects that you have installed a keyboard layout which requires your system to be reconfigured. Keyman Desktop will also display this dialog at startup if it detects that it needs to reconfigure your language settings.

The Language Configuration Tasks dialog lets you decide which recommended changes you make to your system. If you don't want to make a particular change, simply untick it in the list.


If you don't make the recommended changes to your system, Windows may not display your language correctly, or may corrupt the text you type. This is particularly true for languages such as Hebrew or Arabic, which display right-to-left. For these languages, it is critical you complete the tasks listed in the dialog.

Disabling Language Configuration Task detection

You can stop Language Configuration Tasks from prompting you to make changes by ticking the checkbox "Don't ask me about this again". If you select this option, Keyman Desktop will stop detecting the items you have left unticked, unless you access the dialog through Diagnostics, as described below.

Accessing the Language Configuration Tasks dialog manually

To access the Language Configuration Tasks dialog manually: from the Support Tab of Keyman Configuration, click the Diagnostics button and select Check Windows Language Settings. When you access the dialog through this link, all configuration tasks, including those previously disabled, will be displayed for your review.

Language Configuration Tasks available

The following items are currently checked by Keyman Desktop: