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Configure Windows Language

Keyman Desktop will detect when you need to install a Windows language. It will automatically install the language in Control Panel/Regional and Language Options, and link the relevant Keyman Desktop keyboard layout to that language.

After Keyman Desktop has installed the language, you will see the new language listed in theLanguage Bar. You may choose to switch keyboard layouts using the Language Bar or using the Keyman Desktop menu. Keyman Desktop will automatically manage the link between the Windows language and the Keyman Desktop keyboard layout.

Managing Windows Languages

Keyman Desktop Configuration includes a Languages tab where you can see the currently installed Windows keyboard layouts and which Keyman keyboard layouts they are associated with.

Why is this important?

Linking your keyboard layouts to a Windows language is important for a number of reasons:

  • Right-to-left and complex script languages may not display correctly in some applications unless you install the Windows language first.
  • Tagging the text you type with a relevant language code ensures that applications will not corrupt your text or "autocorrect" it