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What's New in Keyman Desktop

  • Keyman is now called Keyman Desktop. This name change was made to better distinguish Keyman Desktop from Keyman Developer and KeymanWeb.

Changes in version 7.1

  • Phonetic-style keyboard layouts display handy hints on how to use them in place of an on-screen keyboard (this is known as a Usage Page).
  • Getting Started now opens the Getting Started Tutorial - a text editor with instructions on how to start using Keyman Desktop.
  • The Font Helper tool shows all the fonts on your system that work with the selected keyboard layout.
  • Tips and hints are displayed at key points in the program, making Keyman Desktop easier to start using.
  • Improved language linking means that Keyman Desktop now handles switching languages as well as keyboard layouts - you can turn off the Language Bar completely in many cases!
  • The help and support documentation has been expanded and improved.
  • Keyboard layout help is more accessible.
  • The Keyman menu has been simplified.
  • The on screen keyboard can be configured to display automatically when a keyboard layout is selected.
  • The Character Map displays characters from Unicode 5.1.
  • Various bugs and performance issues have been fixed.

Changes in version 7.0

On Screen Keyboard

  • Now supports non-Latin Windows keyboard layouts
  • Now resizable
  • Enhanced display with ClearType and font linking
  • Toolbar to switch keyboard layouts and access Keyman Desktop functions

On Screen Keyboard Character Map

  • Powerful character map allows instant input of characters into active application
  • Displays all characters from Unicode 5.1
  • Filter characters by range, name, font and more
  • Exceptionally clear display with ClearType and font linking
  • Resizable character cells

User Interface Redesign

  • Clearer user interface
  • Better presentation of keyboard layout information
  • Localisable: ability to translate the Keyman Desktop user interface into any language

Integrated Keyboard layout Downloads

  • Download and install keyboard layouts from the Tavultesoft Keyboard Downloads Site in a couple of clicks

Modern COM API

  • Control all aspects of Keyman Desktop from Windows Scripting, Visual Basic for Applications, or your application!

Simplified Registration

  • Registration is a single licence key

Modern installation and operating system support

  • Windows Vista support
  • Windows Installer (.msi) for straightforward deployment
  • Checks for updates and downloads and installs patches automatically