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Version History

Keyman Desktop and Keyman Developer 7.1 Release History

Keyman Desktop
Released 11 July 2011
  • Fix for occasional crashes when using Internet Explorer 9 [I2988 and others]
  • Prevent installation of Keyman Desktop 7 over Keyman Desktop 8
Keyman Desktop
Released 31 May 2011
  • Download updated root certificates from Microsoft when installing Keyman Desktop, if the certificates are not automatically updated [I2896]
  • Fix for double-strike issues in Word 2010 on some computers [I2908]
  • Fix for hidden Keyman Desktop icon not switching keyboards correctly on Windows 7 [I2866]
Keyman Desktop
Released 18 February 2011
  • Compatibility fix for Adobe Reader X - Keyman no longer crashes after Reader X started [I2537,I2566,I2580,I2660,I2661,I2679]
Keyman Desktop
Released 30 November 2009
  • Fix for crash if keyman32.dll has no version info [I2157]
  • Remove invalid CODE_CONTEXT test [I2156]
  • Fix crash when RALT pressed on x64 machines [I2155]
Keyman Desktop
Released 18 September 2009
  • Some users experiencing sticky shift keys with Text Services Framework in Vista [I1713]
  • Text Services Framework addin does not show keyboards in menu on some systems [I2010]
  • Update for thread safety for Text Services Framework addin [I2095]
  • Text Services Framework addin can interfere with clicks on buttons in FieldWorks [I2096]
  • Crash in Keyman Configuration when calling help with no page parameter [I2051]
  • Some debug messages can be lost in multi-threaded apps [I2098]
  • Error reports need to include technical details [I2099]
Keyman Developer
Released 18 September 2009
  • Exporting some on screen keyboards to HTML can crash [I2092]
  • Keyboards cannot be debugged in evaluation version of Keyman Developer [I2097]
Keyman Desktop
Released 15 June 2009


  • Download Locale dialog is no longer needed as new locales will be downloaded and integrated into the selectable list [I1995]

Bug Fixes

  • Keyman could not contact Tavultesoft website for online activation or other actions through proxy server [I1704]
  • Keyman could crash if started twice rapidly during system boot [I1951]
  • Keyman Engine could fail to start on some systems [I1998]
  • On Screen Keyboard with supplementary plane characters would fail to export to HTML/XML [I2003]
  • On Screen Keyboard export to image missed some shift states [I2004]
  • Keyman could fail to start correctly on some Windows 7 systems [I2011]
Keyman Developer
Released 15 June 2009
  • Keyman Developer could not contact Tavultesoft website for online activation or other actions through proxy server [I1704]
  • KeymanWeb compiler failed to compile non using-keys groups correctly [I1959]
  • KeymanWeb compiler could crash with empty groups [I1964]
  • On Screen Keyboard with supplementary plane characters would fail to export to HTML/XML [I2003]
  • On Screen Keyboard export to image missed some shift states [I2004]
Keyman Desktop
Released 24 April 2009

Bug Fixes

  • Fix internal crash during Keyman operation on a few systems [I1940]
Keyman Desktop
Released 9 April 2009

Bug Fixes

  • When checking language support, Far East support was mis-reported as Right-to-Left support [I1925]
  • Keyman Desktop could crash on some computers at startup [I1920]
Keyman Desktop (and 262.0)
Released 26 March 2009

New Features

  • Keyman Uniscribe Manager manages Uniscribe versions on your computer [I816, I1817, I1830]
  • Online Update Check now updates installed keyboards as well as Keyman [I1730]
  • New character output mechanism improves compatibility with various applications [I1512,I1813,I1848]
    • OpenOffice 2.4.1, ctrl/alt combinations [I1513]
    • Excel, right alt combinations [I1106]
    • Outlook, backspace in certain fields [I1145]
  • New CoClass for Keyman COM API: ITavultesoftKeymanLangConfig [I1799]
  • Account Home lists names of computers with installed licences for better management [I1865]
  • Various performance improvements [I1826, I1835, I1839]
  • Online help has been reviewed, revised and expanded

Bug Fixes

  • On Screen Keyboard did not reset Ctrl,Shift and Alt when it was closed [I1144]
  • Keyman fails to start on systems where user trust was disabled [I1809]
  • Script errors in Keyman dialogs sometimes caused erratic behaviour [I1792, I1829, I1601]
  • Keyman Configuration used high CPU when elevating [I1889]
  • If keyman32.dll was locked when Keyman restarted, then Keyman would not operate correctly [I1486, I1552]
  • Deadkeys were not working correctly when used in stores [I1622]
  • Keyman could freeze if the active application froze (for another reason) [I1584]
  • Starting Keyman when it was already running showed Configuration, which was confusing [I1818]
  • Package version is now visible in Keyman Configuration [I1696]
  • Keyman did not always switch keyboards correctly the first time after startup [I1798]
  • Configuration now shows shield icons for actions that require UAC [I1793]
  • Language Environment Check updates:
    • Installing script support no longer displays an unnecessary elevation dialog [I1814]
    • Double-negative in check box has been eliminated [I1783]
    • Name of keyboard to be linked to a language is now shown [I1800]
    • Substituted keyboards did not install correctly for a language [I1801]
    • Strings in Language Environment Check are now localizable [I1782]
    • Minor memory leak when checking Windows languages [I1781]
    • If more than one keyboard is setup for a given language, Keyman switches between them each time it starts [I1707]
  • Font helper in Getting Started now shows a scrollbar [I1684]
  • Various crash reports [I1636, I1717, I1828, I1656, I1641, I1680, I1888, I1894, I1594, I1634, I1626]
Keyman Developer
Released 26 March 2009
  • 'Usage' page could not be disabled correctly for OEM products [I1763]
  • Icons in Project did not appear the first time Developer started [I1838]
  • Installing keyboards or packages from Developer did not show the Welcome or Readme, and Keyman would not be refreshed [I1043, I1138, I1815]
  • Installing a keyboard from Developer will now also install the On Screen Keyboard [I906]
  • KeymanWeb test window is now also available for browsers other than Internet Explorer [I1787]
  • Package version field notes suggested format for automatic keyboard updates
  • HTML and XML files will now open in Developer when edited in a package [I1769]
  • Various crash reports [I1620, I1621, I1674, I1592, I1699, I979, I1090, I1125, I1685, I1042, I1631]
Keyman Desktop
Released 1 October 2008
  • Remove version 7.0 shortcut duplicates [I1659]
  • Fix Keyman not switching off in some scenarios [I1657]
  • Additional work improving system tray icon handling of errors [I1649]
  • Additional fixes for running Keyman Desktop on a Guest account [I893]

Keyman Desktop (Beta)

  • Windows x64 (32 bit application) additional fixes [I1635]
  • Fix for switching keyboard and language together [I1627]
  • Fix for running Keyman Desktop on a Guest account [I893]
  • Stability fixes for x64 [I1642]
  • System tray icon handles errors better [I1649]
Keyman Developer
Released 1 October 2008
  • Add options for controlling output of On Screen Keyboards as HTML [I1658]
Keyman Desktop
Released 12 September 2008
  • Windows x64 mnemonic keyboards fix [I1635]
  • Switching languages did not work when using keyboard shortcuts [I1627]
Keyman Desktop
Released 2 September 2008

New Features

I1616InstallationUpgrade Keyman 6.x keyboards to 7.x during installation

Bug Fixes

I1599On Screen KeyboardAlt+Left Shift not consistently released when language switched
I720On Screen KeyboardComplex scripts need Uniscribe shaping
I1593DiagnosticsDiagnostics does not delete error logs after uploading
I1607Keyman DesktopKeyman Desktop can crash if files are missing from installation
I1609Keyman ConfigurationConfiguration can crash when trying to uninstall an admin-installed package without Admin privileges
I1614InstallationInvalid Variant Operation in installer after restart
I1617Keyman ConfigurationRange Check Error can occur in some situations when installing a keyboard layout
Keyman Developer
Released 2 September 2008

Bug Fixes

I1585KeymanWeb CompilerSpacebar does not work properly in KeymanWeb compiled keyboards (non-mnemonic only)
I783KeymnWeb Compilerany/index statements not always working correctly in KeymanWeb release notes

Keyman Desktop
Released 27 November 2007

Bug Fixes

I1164GeneralRemove unnecessary certificate revocation check when installing/starting Keyman products
I1165GeneralFix uninstall error on Windows 98 (see KMKB0037)
Keyman Desktop
Released 20 November 2007

Bug Fixes

I1094GeneralWarn user if they try to install a corrupt keyboard file
I1148GeneralImproved "Start with Windows" error handling
Keyman Developer
Released 20 November 2007

Bug Fixes

I1151, I1153, I1154, I1155, I1157GeneralWork around problem in Delphi class library causing incorrect filenames to sometimes appear
Keyman Desktop
Released 7 November 2007

New Features and Enhancements

I1087GeneralCan now specify hotkeys to switch Windows languages in Professional Edition
I1088GeneralCan now associate Keyman keyboards with Windows languages in Light Edition
I1070User InterfaceCan now download user interface translations from Tavultesoft website
I869KeyboardsCan now install packages for all users in Windows Vista without running Keyman Configuration elevated

Bug Fixes

I922,I1100StartupRecognise and handle error when starting Keyman Desktop on Vista with certain security software
I930Keyman Config:KeyboardsHandle corrupt keyboard files cleanly when installing
I1133CompatibilityRule regression failure - nomatch in a non-using keys group has incorrect behaviour
I821GeneralFix crash when exporting some On Screen Keyboards to HTML
I1060GeneralFix copyright year in version information
I1076GeneralFix rare crash starting Keyman Desktop
I1127GeneralAdd basic system information to crash reports
I1107InstallerText Services Framework installer was not installing the addin correctly on some systems
I1109Keyman Config:KeyboardsAllow user to select specific keyboards to install when more than 2 keyboards in a package in Light Edition
I914Keyman ConfigReport more information on crashes where XML parser fails to find a file for the xsl transform
I937, I1128Keyman ConfigFix crash when Keyman Desktop starts and COM object is not properly registered
I768Keyman Config:KeyboardsFix error where installing a keyboard may associate with wrong Desktop product
I1005, I1084Keyman Config:KeyboardsFix crash when installing an invalid On Screen Keyboard file
I837Keyman Config:LanguagesFix error with language association on some systems
I958On Screen KeyboardFix crash when On Screen Keyboard fails to display
I964, I1105On Screen KeyboardFix crash when product is not correctly installed and On Screen Keyboard is displayed
I984, I1077, I1078StartupFix "Cannot create shell notification icon (EOutOfResources)" crash
I1019, I1020, I1028, 1047, I1086StartupFix crash installing fonts when Keyman starts
I1096Keyman Engine:GeneralFix for silent exception when keyman.exe closes down
I1130Keyman Engine:Keyman32Fix for debug data is slowing down Keyman32.dll
I1139Keyman Engine:AddinsFixed - Text Services Framework addin install causes many languages to be added to Windows
I1140Keyman Engine:AddinsAdd addin configuration button to Keyman Configuration
I1141HelpDocumentation for Text Services Framework addin
Keyman Developer
Released 7 November 2007

New Features and Enhancements

I1052GeneralAllow multi-select in File/Open in Keyman Developer
I866HelpAdd setup.exe documentation to Keyman Developer

Bug Fixes

I940, I944GeneralFix crash when Keyman Developer closes
I1058GeneralFix - Recent Files in File menu has overlapping shortcut with Revert
I1118Distribution wizardRemove dependency on MSXML 4.0 for Branding Pack Product Compiler
I1119Distribution wizardFix MSXML external dependency crash in Product Compiler on Windows Vista
I1129Keyboard editor:Keyboard DebuggerFix - Keyman Developer debugger inconsistencies with multiple groups
Keyman Desktop
Released 20 September 2007

New Features and Enhancements

I956GeneralPackages should be able to install a locale.xml for another UI language
I957GeneralWelcome.htm in packages need to be able to support multiple languages
I960GeneralAdd ITavultesoftKeymanScript interface for scriptable product activation
I931HelpKeyman Desktop - Languages tab needs documentation
I919GeneralWelcome dialog needs a Print button
I1070GeneralCan now download user interface translations from Tavultesoft website

Bug Fixes

I910CompatibilityKeyman Desktop crashed if Keyman 6.0 is running
I994CompatibilityTSF could get keystrokes out of order
I719GeneralFixed Alt+LeftShift and Word interactions
I907GeneralRare crash in Keyman Desktop Configuration when selecting options
I919GeneralAdded 'Print' button to keyboard Welcome dialog
I925GeneralKeyman returned a script error on some computers during boot up
I936GeneralBuy button in Keyman Desktop did not open to the correct webpage with the appropriate product already added to the cart
I966, I988GeneralKeyman Desktop was not starting with Windows reliably on computers with Keyman 6 installed
I976GeneralIMX config dialog was not working for CS-Pinyin keyboard in Desktop Pro 7
I981GeneralKeyboard/language association was not sticking on Vista
I990GeneralEntering licence key for wrong product didn't tell the user which product the key was for, if possible
I995GeneralFrench translation of Welcome dialog was not complete
I1027GeneralClicking on an unassigned menu item in a custom product would cause an error
I1050GeneralManual activation from a file was failing on some systems
I1063InstallerSetup was crashing when downloading an update
I1065,I1066InstallerSilent mode in setup was not 100% correct
I896InstallerKeyman 6 interfered with startup of Keyman 7 on some computers
I897InstallerCheckboxes at end of install should be ticked by default
I926InstallerKeyman Configuration did not shut down before patching
I928InstallerKeyman Desktop patches sometimes required the source package to upgrade
I985Installerdesktop.pxx was not removed from CurrentVersion\Run when uninstalling
I933Keyman ConfigVarious translated user interface issues - Bengali and Hindi
I939Keyman ConfigScript errors were not sent to Tavultesoft in Keyman Desktop Config
I978Keyman ConfigTranslation of user interface sometimes selected English wrongly
I912Keyman Config:KeyboardsScript error when clicking on menu item before closing keyboard options menu
I923Keyman Config:KeyboardsKeyman Configuration crashed if an invalid package file was opened
I987Keyman Config:KeyboardsImages did not show in Readme in Install Package
I1061Keyman Config:KeyboardsUninstall query was not translated
I1023Keyman Config:HotkeysHotkeys tab showed keyboard filename instead of keyboard full name
I917Keyman Config:Options"Always Elevate" option was confusing and unnecessary
I911Rule ProcessingCtrl+BKSP was not working correctly
Keyman Developer
Released 20 September 2007

New Features and Enhancements

I927GeneralFeature Request: Right-click on a file to open in external editor

Bug Fixes

I1010GeneralDon't delete the untitled project on exit of Keyman Developer
I1014GeneralRebuild character map database does not work in KMDev options
I826GeneralOpen file from explorer does not open file if Developer already running
I959GeneralXMLEncode is not encoding the full length of a string (when loading very large keyboards)
I967HelpLinks not working on reference__struct_headers.html
I968Helpreference_language incorrect and old
I971HelpDocument how to record multiple ethnologue codes in reference_ethnologuecode.html
I973Helpreference__keyboardsbyname.html is missing includecodes and ethnologuecode links
I974Helpreference_kmw__keyboarddesign needs updating for system stores
I975Helpguide_lang_groups.html links
I1024HelpDocumentation on packaging locale.xml required
I1026HelpDocumentation on ITavultesoftKeymanScript interface required
I1068HelpParameter descriptions were missing from ITavultesoftKeyman interfaces
I1071InstallerSetup was crashing when downloading an update
I1072,I1073InstallerSilent mode in setup was not 100% correct
I1011Keyboard editorKeyman Compiler can fail on very large files
I1012,I1059Keyboard editorKeyman Developer has trouble loading UTF-16 files without a BOM
I905Keyboard editorKeyboard designer seems to move characters around when switching underlying layouts
I1008Package wizardTab order wrong in package details
I1009Package wizardTab order in shortcuts wrong
I962Package wizardCrash when uploading keyboard to Tavultesoft and selecting Cancel

Changes in Keyman

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Package Keyboard Installer: Keyman Desktop is now available pre-packaged with all the keyboards hosted on the website. This installer checks for a new version of Keyman when installing and makes sure all prerequisites are installed before starting.
  2. Manual Activation Utility: Tsactivate.exe can now be used to activate multiple computers more simply
  3. Yahoo Messenger Support: Add support for Unicode input with Keyman Desktop 7.0
  4. Font Installation (I815): Keyman Desktop will now install fonts from the currently installed packages if they are not already loaded in the system. Previously (and still the case without Keyman), you needed to be an Administrator to install fonts.
  5. Keyman Configuration: I858 - Added Help and Getting Started links
  6. Welcome Screen: I817 - Rework to make Welcome message clearer
  7. On Screen Keyboard: I765 - Option now available to reset shift, control and alt after a key is clicked
  8. On Screen Keyboard: I765 - Caps Lock, Backspace, Enter and Tab now clickable
  9. On Screen Keyboard: I764 - Fix layout of ENTER key for European keyboards
  10. On Screen Keyboard: I764 - Fix text on non-character keys for European keyboards
  11. Keyman Engine: I863 - Ensure Keyman can shutdown in a timely fashion if another application has hung
  12. Keyman Engine: I819 - Test if other applications are conflicting with Keyman and resolve the issue when it occurs
  13. Installer: I810 - Open uninstall feedback webpage at the end of the uninstall
  14. General: I825 - Proxy login support for online updates, product activation and keyboard downloads

Fixes for Keyman Desktop

  1. Text Services Framework Addin: I890, I822 - Fix functionality that was not working correctly with Keyman Desktop 7.0; also fix for deadkeys
  2. Keyman Engine: I838 - Fix issue with language association not working on some computers
  3. COM API: I880 - Fix crash when handling a corrupt package
  4. On Screen Keyboard: I763 - Fix display of 102nd key on UK keyboards
  5. COM API: I850 - Fix font installation and uninstallation in Windows Vista
  6. COM API: I850 - Fix shadow keyboard installation in Windows Vista
  7. Error management: I809 - Allow user to view more information online about an error; display a clearer error dialog; allow user to send Tavultesoft more details about the error
  8. Keyman Configuration: I773 - Fix crash with manual installation/uninstallation of On Screen Keyboards
  9. Keyman Engine: I820 - Fix keyboard not activating for first application after startup
  10. Keyman Engine: I840 - Fix bug with starting products after product activation

Fixes for Keyman Developer

  1. Bitmap Editor: I724 - Fixed error when path does not exist for bitmaps
  2. Character Map: I673 - Fixed crash when attempting to display character past end of line
  3. CRM: I833 - Fix crash when adding a purchase to a newly created customer
  4. CRM: I834 - Fix customers with blank country not displaying
  5. Distribution Editor: I745 - Changing version number and clicking Save would not update the GUIDs unless version field exited before save
  6. Distribution Editor: I759 - Compiler did not say 'complete' when finished
  7. Distribution Editor: I792 - Fix distribution compiler failing if no start menu entries exist
  8. Distribution Editor: I803 - Open Folder button had wrong action
  9. Distribution Editor: I246 - Fix Unicode character support in product details
  10. Error management: I809 - Allow user to view more information online about an error; display a clearer error dialog; allow user to send Tavultesoft more details about the error
  11. General: I825 - Proxy login support for online updates, product activation and keyboard uploads
  12. Installer: I810 - Open uninstall feedback webpage at the end of the uninstall
  13. Keyboard Compiler: I786 - Fix crash when a zero-length string is referenced in an 'any' command
  14. Keyboard Debugger: I800 - Fix crash when resizing store elements too small
  15. Keyboard Editor: I781 - Search and Replace dialogs now support Unicode
  16. Keyboard Editor: I841 - If Save As fails, restore original filename
  17. Keyboard Editor: Fix crashes when saving files (e.g. when path does not exist)
  18. KeymanWeb Compiler: I853 - Avoid crash when compiling ANSI keyboards
  19. KeymanWeb Compiler: Fix index() statement offset mismatch
  20. Main Program: I787 - Don't crash if Ctrl+F4 pressed when no windows open
  21. Main Program: I806 - Add File/Close menu item
  22. On Screen Keyboard Editor: I726 - Fixed 102 key not displaying when it should
  23. On Screen Keyboard Editor: I674 - Fixed crash when attempting to import invalid OSK XML file
  24. Package Compiler: I817 - Compile package installer as well as package
  25. Package Editor: I233 - Fix Unicode character support in package details
  26. Package Editor: I333 - Fix Unicode character support in package details
  27. Project: I742 - Fixed crash when project folder is deleted
  28. Project: I762 - Fixed crash when refreshing project (rare)
  29. Project: I791 - Unicode characters not rendering in Project
  30. Project: I805 - Fixed crash when project folder is deleted
  31. Project: I671 - Fixed crash when changing project filename or status (12 other related issue numbers)
  32. Project: I727 - Fixed drag and drop of files into Project Window and Help Pane
  33. Project: I730 - Fixed details not updating in project after save of keyboard
  34. Project: I791 - Fix Unicode character display for keyboard name only

Issues corrected in Keyman

  1. Keyman Desktop: Minor installer changes for Vista Certification
  2. Keyman Developer - Command Line Compiler: Fix bugs with compiling packages and products
  3. Keyman Developer - KeymanWeb Pack: Fix index() bug with long context strings

Issues corrected in Keyman, released 23 March 2007


  1. Keyman Developer: Keyman Developer is now more responsive
  2. Keyman Developer - Branding Editor: KCT User Interface editor now does not requires files to be saved before using Test Page button
  3. Keyman Developer - Character Map: Character Map now follows selected character in On Screen and Keyboard editors
  4. Keyman Developer - KeymanWeb Pack: KeymanWeb is now updated to build 83
  5. Keyman Developer - KeymanWeb Pack: KeymanWeb Compiler nows distinguishes between mnemonic and positional layout
  6. Keyman Developer - KeymanWeb Pack: Added "Compile All To Web" button in the project

Bug Fixes

  1. Keyman Desktop: Manifest added to tsactivate.exe
  2. Keyman Desktop: desktop_resources.dll is now signed
  3. Keyman Desktop: FIXED: Crash on startup when associating some languages with keyboards
  4. Keyman Desktop: FIXED: Memory leak in keyman.exe causes crash after several days
  5. Keyman Desktop: FIXED: Issues with activating on notebooks that use docking stations
  6. Keyman Desktop - Addins: FIXED: Wordlink still says version 6.0
  7. Keyman Desktop - Configuration: FIXED: Download Keyboard dialog wraps the search box
  8. Keyman Desktop - Translations: FIXED: Button sizes in French translation on some pages
  9. Keyman Desktop - Translations: FIXED: fr used instead of fra for French locale translation
  10. Keyman Developer - Branding Editor: FIXED: License type on new KCT file not set correctly
  11. Keyman Developer - Branding Editor: FIXED: Keyman KCT template is missing Menu and Icons
  12. Keyman Developer - Branding Editor: FIXED: Test Page in KCT editor does not show some images
  13. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Distribution Editor reverts to previous version if file not saved before build
  14. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Shortcuts are created in Start Menu when Desktop is specified
  15. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Addins should use the Fragment_Merges rather than being added through .msm merge references in Compiler
  16. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Tab order is wrong in Shortcuts tab
  17. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Save copy as does not work
  18. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Changes made in source tab of Dist Editor did not save if user did not change tabs
  19. Keyman Developer - Distribution Editor: FIXED: Save as did not rename the output file and save file correctly
  20. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: On Screen Keyboard auto-fill is not working correctly
  21. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: Keyboard parser needs to append .bmp if no extension on BITMAP
  22. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: Keyboard appears 'too complex' if 102nd key is in the keyboard
  23. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: Pressing shift in On Screen Keyboard editor sometimes transfers char to other shift state
  24. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: Click "include On Screen Keyboard" does not always set the On Screen Keyboard filename
  25. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: Layout tab has wrong taborder
  26. Keyman Developer - Keyboard Editor: FIXED: Crash when exporting some On Screen Keyboards to HTML
  27. Keyman Developer - KeymanWeb Pack: FIXED: KeymanWeb compiler is ignoring new KMW_* system stores
  28. Keyman Developer - Project: FIXED: Files disappear from project if referenced as subfiles later

Issues corrected in Keyman, released 7 February 2007

  1. New - Keyman Desktop: Added French user interface translation
  2. Fixed - Keyman Desktop Light: Fixed package installation crash "Index 1 out of bounds"
  3. Fixed - All products: Fixed issue where upgrades and patches reset the installation folder to the default

Issues corrected in Keyman, released 1 February 2007

  1. Fixed - Keyman Desktop: Fixed crash when Activate button is clicked in Activation Dialog

Version 6.2 release history


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