Configuration - Keyboards tab

Installed Keyboards

Lists the keyboards which are currently installed. Keyboards with a check mark beside the name are enabled, and will be shown in the keyboard selection menu.

You can enable and disable a keyboard by clearing or checking the box beside its name.

Keyboard Details

Lists the filename, supported encoding options, and additional information about the highlighted keyboard in the list. You can set the hotkey for a keyboard here.

If a visual keyboard is available for a keyboard, you can install it by clicking the Add button to the right of the "Visual keyboard" text.


Uninstalls the highlighted keyboard in the list. If the keyboard was installed as part of a package, you may be given the option to keep any fonts that were installed with the keyboard. If you have any documents that use these fonts, you should choose to retain them, or your documents may become unreadable.

Install Keyboard...

Opens a dialog allowing you to select a keyboard file to be installed.

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