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Branding Reference

activate.xsl: Product Activation Dialog
downloadkeyboard.xsl: Download Keyboard Dialog
elements.xsl: Basic XSL elements
installkeyboard.xsl: Install Keyboard Dialog
keyman.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration Window
keyman_footer.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Footer
keyman_hotkeys.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Hotkeys tab
keyman_keyboardlist.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Keyboards tab
keyman_menu.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Menu
keyman_options.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Options tab
keyman_support.xsl: Keyman Desktop Configuration window - Support tab
manualactivate.xsl: Manual Activation dialog
onlineupdate.xsl: Online Update dialog
proxyconfiguration.xsl: Proxy Configuration dialog
splash.xsl: Splash dialog
welcome.xsl: Welcome dialog

This reference section details the customisable screens, actions and parameters for each dialog. Some generic parameters and targets are available for every screen.

XML Parameters

XML Parameters are passed in as part of the XML to the XSLT. The parameters are generally easy to use, for example, in the Keyboard Install dialog (installkeyboard.xsl), you can retrieve the descriptive name of the keyboard to be installed with the following code:

<xsl:value-of select="/Keyman/KeymanKeyboardFile/keyboardname" />

The following parameters are passed into every dialog and window:

<templatepath>(path to templates, for img src and includes)</templatepath>
<scripttemplatepath>(path to templates for embedding in script)</scripttemplatepath>
<defaultlocalepath>(path to default locale file)</defaultlocalepath>
<localepath>(path to currently selected locale file)</localepath>


Keyman Desktop Configuration is controlled by linking to specially formed URLs, for example:

<a href='keyman:link?url='>Open the Tavultesoft website</a>

This example will open the Tavultesoft website in the user's default browser. Note that if just the URL had been passed, the website would have been opened within Keyman Desktop Configuration, which is probably not the desired behaviour!

Target Parameters Description
keyman:link url: url of website to open Opens website url in user's default web browser. This should be used whenever linking to a website, instead of directly referencing the site, or using target='_blank' as both of these would open within the Keyman Desktop Configuration context.