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ResourceFileManager class


The ResourceFileManager class manages and installs keyboards and lexical models




The ResourceFileManager is the core class which provides most of the methods needed to install and manage any keyboard and lexical model resources you wish to use with Keyman Engine.

With the move to use of package files in 14.0, which contain metadata about your keyboards and lexical models, far less resource metadata needs to be specified within your app in comparison to earlier versions of the engine.


installedPackages: [KeymanPackage]
Lists packages currently installed within the KeymanEngine.


getInstalledPackage(for: Resource) -> Resource.Package
Retrieves the installed package for this resource, if available.
install(resourceWithID: LanguageResourceFullID, from: KeymanPackage)
Installs specified resources from opened package files for use within the KeymanEngine.
prepareKMPInstall(from: URL)
Given a local filesystem URL for a KMP package, this function imports, opens, and parses the file for use within KeymanEngine


Added in Keyman Engine for iPhone and iPad 14.0.