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KeymanWeb Subscriptions Help: Subscription Plan

While KeymanWeb can be effectively incorporated into a vast variety of websites, the level of usage and range of languages needed will vary from site to site. The various subscription plans available enable you to choose a package that best suits your budget and specific site requirements, while giving you the flexibility to change the subscription at any time. Each of the plans also allows a 30-day trial period, which gives you the opportunity to test the level of usage and determine whether the plan you have selected is the most suitable for your site.

Hits refers to the number of users accessing your website. One hit is recorded every time a user loads a page in which KeymanWeb is embedded. If you are using KeymanWeb on several domains, or on multiple pages within one domain, the number of hits will increase more rapidly. Once the permitted number of hits has been exceeded, KeymanWeb will be disabled for the remainder of that usage period.

You can use website statistic tools such as Google Analytics to find out how many hits your web pages receive each month. You can also ask your website host to tell you which statistical tools that they may offer.

The options for KeymanWeb subscriptions are not limited to the plans listed on this page. If your website needs more capabilities than those offered in the plans, or wish to host KeymanWeb on your server to increase your users, please contact Tavultesoft to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.

Clicking "KeymanWeb Subscription Agreement" opens a page with the text of the agreement which must be agreed to when creating a new subscription.