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Adiga Danef Keyboard Help

This keyboard is for the Adiga (AKA Adygha, Adyga, Circassian) language based on the Adiga Latin phonetic alphabet.

Keyboard Layout

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Physical Keyboard Key Combinations

In order to print the extra characters which don't appear on a regular English QWERTY keyboard use the following key Combinations:
;s => ş
;d => ś
;f => š
;g => ǵ
;b => ğ
;h => ḣ
;k => ḱ
;l => ĺ
;a => á
;z => ź
;c => ç
;v => ć
;e => é
;t => ṫ
;u => ü
;i => ı
;o => ö
;p => ṕ

The above list works for upper case as well, e.g.:
;S => Ş

Touch Keyboard Layout

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