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Croatian/Slovenian Basic Keyboard Help

Croatian/Slovenian Basic 1.1 generated from template.

Keyboard Layout

This keyboard makes use of deadkeys. Typing the deadkey before the base character will output the combined character. For example:

˝o will produce ő (available on oOuU).

ˇc will produce č (available on cCdDeElLnNrRsStTzZ).

^a will produce â (available on aAiIoO).

˘a will produce ă (available on aA).

°u will produce ů (available on uU).

˛a will produce ą (available on aAeE).

˙z will produce ż (available on zZ).

´a will produce á (available on aAcCeEiIlLnNoOrRsSuUyYzZ).

¸c will produce ç (available on cCsS).

¨a will produce ä (available on aAeEoOuU).

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

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