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Sami Extended Finland-Sweden Basic Keyboard Help

This keyboard layout is designed for Sami (Northern). It includes an on screen keyboard which can be viewed by clicking on the Keyman icon and selecting the On Screen Keyboard menu item. The keyboard layout follows the Windows 10 Sami Extended Finland-Sweden layout.

This keyboard makes use of "deadkeys" which are listed below:

~a will produce ã (available on aAiInNoOuU).

ˇc will produce č (available on cCdDeEgGhHkKlLnNrRsStTzZʒƷ).

`a will produce à (available on aAeEiIoOuUwWyY).

´a will produce á (available on aAcCeEiIlLnNoOrRsSuUwWyYzZøØåÅæÆ).

¨a will produce ä (available on aAeEiIoOuUwWyY).

^a will produce â (available on aAcCeEgGhHiIjJoOsSuUwWyY).

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