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Naskapi (Common) Keyboard Help

The Naskapi (Common) keyboard is a phonetic-style (type the word the way it sounds) layout. It uses Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics.

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout of this keyboard is like that of the QWERTY keyboard which most are already familair with. The system is essentially this: the user types in roman letters on a standard keyboard the way the word “sounds” in Naskapi. What he sees on the screen as he types is the word written in syllabics.

A benefit inherent in this system is that the hardware (the keyboard) does not need to be modified in any way with special key-caps or stickers, a new keyboard does not have to be learned and memorized, and that syllabics and non-syllabics (roman) words can be mixed in at any time in any place in the document.

This document describes how to type Naskapi: Naskapi Unicode Keyboard Layout

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