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Cameroon QWERTY Unicode (deprecated) Keyboard Help

Cameroon QWERTY Unicode 50 Usage
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This chart describes the keystrokes used in Tavultesoft Keyman with Unicode 5.0 Cameroon Characters and the US (QWERTY) Keyboard.
Use the semicolon (;) for the Cam key and the colon (:) for the special (Spcl) key. Open the document but before typing select a font style from one of: Doulos SIL or Charis SIL. From the Keyman icon in the System Tray (bottom right of screen) select the Cameroon Unicode Keyboard.
The Unicode version of Cameroon Characters is ultimately designed to work with any Unicode font, although the character '(' is currently* only in the PUA (Personal Use Area) of the SIL Unicode font family.
When adding nasal or tone diacritics, the typing sequence is always: Nasal ( ˜ ¸ ) + Tone ( ` ´ ^ ¯ etc.) + Vowel.
Version History

1.1 (30 June 2008) - Added Welcome and Usage pages, released for Keyman Desktop 7.0

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