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Dinka Basic (DLIA) Keyboard Help

Dinka Basic (DLIA)

Dinka Unicode keyboard layout for the Dinka Language Institute, Australia.

Keyboard layout

The help page for Dinka Basic (DLIA) can be found here.

Change History

2017-08-15 2.6: Published to github and added the on-screen keyboard

2.5 basic: Cutdown version without the Caps Lock toggle to qwerty keyboard layout.

2.5 academic: Added requirements for academic use of Dinka, i.e. add phonetic characters and diacritics used by various linguists.

2.5: Bug fix

2.4: Reassigned the diaeresis key

2.3: Modified the logic of the 'backspace' key sequences.

2.2: Streamline input of long breathy vowels; 'vvd' instead of 'vdvd', where 'v' = vowel and 'd' = diaeresis

2.1: Added CAPS LOCK toggle between US QWERTY layout and Dinka layout

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