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Harari (Lâtîn harfi) Keyboard Help

This keyboard layout was designed for use with the revised Harari Latin orthography adopted by the Harari Community Language schools in Melbourne, Australia. The Latin script is used to teach the younger Harari children their own language.

Desktop Keyboard layout

Here are character sequences for input in Keyman.

Key sequence Glyph Codepoints
a[ â U+00E2
a] ȧ U+0227
d] U+1E0B
e[ ê U+00EA
h] U+1E23
i[ î U+00EE
o[ ô U+00F4
s] U+1E61
t] U+1E6B
u[ û U+00FB
z] ż U+017C
\ ʼ U+02BC

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