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Pan-Sahelian Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for use with various languages of Western and Central Africa, including:

Fula Bokyi Bura-Pabir

Most computers will already include fonts to display the diacritic marks on this keyboard correctly.


Type diacritics (on keys 1..9) after the base character.

Each diacritic mark is shown above an a character in the On Screen Keyboard as an example of how it will appear. When you type a diacritic mark, it will be placed above or below the previous letter — the a will not appear.

The "\" is considered a deadkey. Type "\" followed by any of the following characters to output the character below:

  • wWeEryYiIoOsSzZdDfFgGhkK'xXvVbB./nNmMjJ1234567890
  • ǝƎɛƐɾƴƳɩƖʃƩʒƷɗƊƒƑɠƓɦƙƘʼɣƔʋƲɓƁʕʔɲƝŋŊɖƉ1234567890

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