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Farsiman Keyboard Help

Farsiman is a Farsi phonetic keyboard that enables anyone who uses a regular English keyboard write in Farsi. Look at the three screenshots in the welcome.htm and you are immediately ready to write away in Farsi.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

To get:

  • Zero width joiner (ZWJ), type "Ctrl + Alt + ."
  • Zero width non-joiner (ZWNJ), type "Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar"
  • Right-to-left mark (RLM), type "Ctrl + Alt + r", and
  • Left-to-right mark (LRM), type "Ctrl + Alt + l".

Phone Keyboard Layout

Note: Longpress keys are not currently visible in this static documentation, and so some additional letters may be accessible through these longpress keys.

Release History

Version 1.0, released 01 November 2019

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