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Dane-Z̲aa Z̲áágéʔ Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for the Dane-Z̲aa Z̲áágéʔ language of the Western Subarctic region of Canada.

Desktop Layout

Combining accents are located on the standard / and \ keys. Type an accent after a vowel to add it on the vowel. If you've typed the wrong accent, just type the correct accent to replace it.

  • á = a then /
  • ǎ = a then \
  • â = a then Shift-\

By holding the ALT key, you can return to the standard US English keyboard value of any modified key (such as p, r, q, v, x, and various punctuation). Shift-Alt will give you the standard English shifted value of the modified key (such as P, R, Q, V, Z, etc).

Mobile/Tablet Touch Layout

´we ęˇt t̲s̲yuio ǫˆ
a ąs s̲d d̲z̲˛ghjkl
 z z̲_cʔbnm 

Accent marks are located in the top row.

The combining ogonek/hook is located in the second row (in place of f). The combining low line is located in the third row (in place of x).

Combined characters using the ogonek/hook and low line are also available in a long press menu. Keys with long-press options are:

  • a > ą (Ą)
  • d > d̲z̲ (D̲z̲ D̲Z̲)
  • e > ę (Ę)
  • o > ǫ (Ǫ)
  • s > s̲ (S̲)
  • t > t̲s̲ (T̲s̲ T̲S̲)
  • z > z̲ (Z̲)

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