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Dene Zhatıé Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for the Dene Zhatıé language of the Western Subarctic region of Canada.

If square boxes are displayed instead of characters when using this keyboard (and in the keyboard layouts below), please read our troubleshooting guide.

Keyboard Layout

  • The special characters of Dene Zhatıé have been assigned to a mix of both number and punctuation keys.
  • All accents are typed after the base character: ų is typed u then Left Bracket [
  • To type the acute accent use the Backquote key ` — á is typed a then backquote `
  • To type the ogonek accent use the the Left Bracket key [ — ų is typed u then Left Bracket [
  • To type the acute and ogonek accent at the same time use the Right Bracket key ] — ǫ́ is typed o then Right Bracket ]
  • To type the underlined n ṉ use the Equal key. To type the capital underlined N Ṉ use the Plus key
  • To type the underlined double e e̲e̲ use Right-Alt (Windows) / Option (Mac) + the e key
  • All changed numbers and punctuation can type their original value by holding down the Right-Alt or Option key. The Semicolon ; is typed Right-Alt+Semicolon (Windows) Option+Semicolon (Mac).

Notes on touch layout

´we é ę ę́ e̲e̲rtyu ú ų ų́ı ı́ ı̨ ı̨́o ó ǫ ǫ́ł
a á ą ą́sd˛ghjkl' "
 zxcɂbn ṉm 
  • keys with a red background are combining accents.
  • the first character in a cell is the "one-tap" key, any further characters are "hold-select" keys.

Alternate Name

  • South Slavey

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile Keyboard Layout

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