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X̱aayda-X̱aad Kil Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for the X̱aayda-X̱aad Kil language of the BC Coast region of Canada.

  • To type the underline accent _ use the Semicolon key ;
  • To type the acute accent ´ use the Grave key `
  • To type the grave accent ` use the Shift+Grave key ~
  • To type the circumflex accent ^ use the Shift+6 key ^

Notes on touch layout

? !we é è-tyu ú ùi í ìo ó òp
a á àsd_g g̱ ĝhjk ḵl' "
 ,x x̱ x̂c.bnm 
  • keys with a red background are combining accents.
  • the first character in a cell is the "one-tap" key, any further characters are "hold-select" keys.

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