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Kanien'kéha-Kanyen'kéha (deprecated) Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for the Kanien'kéha-Kanyen'kéha language of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence region of Canada.

If square boxes are displayed instead of characters when using this keyboard (and in the keyboard layouts below), please read our troubleshooting guide.

  • All accents are typed after the base character: á is typed a then Slash /
  • To type the acute accent use the Slash key / — é is typed e then Slash /
  • To type the grave accent use the Backquote key ` — è is typed e then Backquote `
  • To type the circumflex accent use the Shift+6 key ^ — ê is typed e then Shift+6
  • To type the low line accent use the Left-Bracket key [ — ṉ is typed n then Left-Bracket [
  • The original English punctuation keys can be typed by holding down the Right-Alt or Option key. The Semicolon ; is typed Right-Alt+Semicolon (Windows) Option+Semicolon (Mac).
  • Opening and closing quotes. For Mac users, Right-Alt is either of the Option Keys.
    • single: ‘ Shift+Backquote — ’ Apostrophe
    • double: “ Shift+Left-Bracket — ” Shift+Right-Bracket
    • single ‹ Right-Alt+Shift+9 — › Right-Alt+Shift+0
    • double « Right-Alt+9 — » Right-Alt+0

    Unicode Fonts

    The following fonts have been installed on your computer: Aboriginal Sans, Aboriginal Serif. Please use these fonts when typing in your language as they have been specially built to represent your language as accurately as possible.


    Download a pdf of the Keylayout Map

    Download the latest version of Aboriginal Sans and Aboriginal Serif

    Notes on touch layout

     we é èrty`i í ìo ó ò 
    a á às   h´k: ;' "
     !- ,.n ṉ? 
    • keys with a red background are combining accents.
    • the first character in a cell is the "one-tap" key, any further characters are "hold-select" keys.

    Alternate Name

    • Mohawk

    Keyboard Layout

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