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ᑐᑊᘁᗕᑋᗸ (deprecated) Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for the ᑐᑊᘁᗕᑋᗸ language of the BC Interior region of Canada.

If square boxes are displayed instead of characters when using this keyboard (and in the keyboard layouts below), please read our troubleshooting guide.

Notes on touch layout


|ᑕ ᗡ ᗧᙓ ᙦ ᙬᘓ ᘛ ᘡᙅ ᙍ'
ᑐ ᗞ ᗤᙐ ᙣ ᙩᘐ ᘗ ᘞᙂ ᙊ
ᑎ ᗝ ᗣᙏ ᙢ ᙨᘏ ᘖ ᘝᙁ ᙉ
#langᙆ ᙇspace


ᣵ ᙚᗴ ᗺ ᘀᘳ ᘹ ᘿᘧ ᘭᗕ ᗛᙙ ᙠᗉ ᗏ
ᐥ ᐦᗱ ᗷ ᗽᘰ ᘶ ᘼᘤ ᘪᗒ ᗘᙖ ᙝᗆ ᗌ
ᒼ ᓑᗰ ᗶ ᗼᘯ ᘵ ᘻᘣ ᘩᗑ ᗗᙕ ᙜᗅ ᗋ
ᐟᗕ ᐟᗒ ᐟᗑᐠᗕ ᐠᗒ ᐠᗑᘁᗕ ᘁᗒ ᘁᗑspacereturn
  • keys with a red background are combining accents.
  • the first character in a cell is the "one-tap" key, any further characters are "hold-select" keys.
  • The | and 〈 keys modify a syllabic character into a related form:
    • ᑐ + | = ᗞ
    • ᗅ + | = ᗋ
    • ᑐ + 〈 = ᗤ
    • ᘳ + 〈 = ᘿ
  • The ' ᐧ and ↻ keys change the vowel of a syllabic character:
    • ᙂ + ' = ᙃ
    • ᙂ + ᐧ = ᙄ
    • ᙁ + ↻ = ᙀ
  • The syllabic equivalent of “s̲” may not be present in your device’s font, if so ᣵ might appear as an empty box.
  • Your device’s font may not differentiate fully between syllabic “s” ᔆ and “sh” ᙚ

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