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Hindi Modular Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for use with the languages of India and other regions in South Asia which use the Devanagari script. It uses standard Windows fonts. This is one of the most popular keyboard layouts for professional DTP work.

Keyboard Layout

This keyboard allows the user to type "g" (for ि ) either before or after the consonant. (The keyboard will reorder the position of the vowel sign i to the proper position.

The keyboard also allows the user to type a SHIFT RALT Z to follow a consonant which will then form a half form when another consonant follows.

A backslash outputs a Zero Width Joiner after a consonant.

The following keystrokes output Zero Width Non-Joiner before what is on the keycap: D, kl, kp

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

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