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Indigenous NT Integrated Keyboard Help

Indigenous NT Integrated Keyboard for Keyman

By Rajiv Rawat

This is the Keyman version of the universal keyboard for the 11 official languages of the Northwest Territories (Inuktitut in Roman Orthography). Additional characters for other circumpolar languages have also been included.

The keyboard is intended to reduce keyboard switching and be intuitive and easy to use for the widest number of users. As such, it hopes to facilitate widescale acceptance and adoption of the incredible linguistic diversity in the Canadian North.

Desktop Computers

On Desktop computers, it retains the standard US keyboard layout while providing access to special characters and diacritics through the Alt-Gr (Alt-right) key on Desktop computers (right-Option key in Macs).

Note that the diacritics are typed after the vowel as in the Vowel First Dene convention.

Tablets and Mobiles

On mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, the standard iOS keyboard layers for letters and numbers have been retained with the addition of an Alt key that provides access to the full range of combined diacritic bearing characters used in Northern Indigenous languages.

The characters can also be accessed through the longpress popup on relevant letter keys.

This keyboard defines some keys that are set by default as "hotkeys" when Keyman is installed. To use this keyboard, you will want to go to Configuration.../Hotkeys, select the hotkey name, and either change the hotkey or turn it off.

Currently "Switch Keyman Desktop Off" uses Shift+Alt+O and
"Open Keyboard Menu" uses Shift+Alt+M.

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