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ISIS Devanagari Keyboard Help

This keyboard is designed for use with the Bhojpuri, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit and Marwari languages of India, Bangladesh and other regions in South Asia. It uses standard Windows fonts.

If square boxes are displayed instead of characters when using this keyboard (and in the keyboard layouts below), please read our troubleshooting guide.

Keyboard Layout

Instructions for Use

The system is phonetic in the true sense, so that's how you get the standalone consonants and vowels.

  • For long vowels, press the concerned vowel key twice.
  • To get an aspirated consonant, press h after its unaspirated counterpart.
  • Try typing a vowel after a consonant.
  • Experiment with Shift+any key.
  • To get a joined consonant (yukta varna), press / (once or twice) after typing the constituent consonants.
  • To break up a joined consonant, press Ctrl+/.
  • Vocalic R ऋ can be typed with ;r; press / for the subscript form ृ
  • Vocalic RR ॠ is typed with ;rr; press / for the subscript form ॄ

Full ISIS Devanagari Keyboard Documentation (PDF)

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