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Khmer Angkor

Khmer Angkor Keyboard is an OpenSource. It is free and more than just a user you can also contribute to the betterment of the keyboard if you would like to.


With the users' pitfall in typing Khmer words in mind, Khmer Angkor focuses on the unification of the character orders and spelling rules. These make Khmer Angkore uniquely different from any other keyboards. Khmer Angkor's keyboard layouts were adopted from NiDA keyboard which is widely used at the present. Here is the keyboard layout:

You can simply use Khmer Angkor as you would for any NiDA based keyboard. You may type a word in an order of how it is spelled, not how it appears to be, especially when the vowel is to the left of the consonant. For example, to type the word “តែ” which means ‘tea’, one should type the consonant first and then the vowel (i.e. press key “T” and then “Shift E”).

The order of characters is:

Consonant + Subscript(s) + Consonant Shifter + Vowel + Diacritic

For more details on the Khmer Angkor Keyboard, please find the documentation included in this package.

To see the documentation in English, please click here.

To see the documentation in Khmer, please click here.


To get Khmer fonts, you may visit one of the three sources below:

More Information

All Documentation Versions