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Kmhmu 2008 (deprecated) Keyboard Help

Keyboard Layout Notes

Keyboard layout (as shown below) follows the Lao standard, with the following minor differences to simplify entry of Kmhmu text:

Shift Key Result Notes
Y ກ໌
U ຍ໌
i This follows the pre-2005 Lao typewriter convention,
since is widely used in Kmhmu while is rarely if ever used.
space bar
(pressed once)
thin space To allow narrow spacing between words, the space bar inserts a (wrapping) thin-space when pressed once, or normal spaces if pressed more than once.
space bar
(twice or more)
normal space
| ZWSP Zero-width (wrapping) space character
% This mark used to form modified characters found in Kmhmu (but not in Lao) replaces the "Cancellation mark" (thanthakhat) found in normal Lao fonts, so can be entered using the same keystroke. But in most cases, the Y and U keys would be used instead.

Keyboard layout - Unshifted

Kmhmu 2008 keyboard layout: normal (default) state

Keyboard layout - with Shift

Kmhmu 2008 keyboard layout: shift state

Keyboard layout - with Right Alt

Kmhmu 2008 keyboard layout: AltGr state


The font Kmhmu MX has been included with the keyboard layout.

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