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SuperSymbol Keyboard Layout

for Keyman

Type every character in Adobe and Mac OS Symbol encodings.

Type Greek letters, arrows, and mathematical symbols easily.

The Layout

Kreative SuperSymbol keyboard layout is based on the Symbol font from Mac OS Classic
and older versions of Windows, which mapped mathematical symbols to standard ASCII.
SuperSymbol allows you to type the proper Unicode characters using a similar mapping.
Type alternate characters using Option on Mac OS X, Right Alt on Linux and Windows.

! # % & ( ) ±
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ¬
Θ Ω Ε Ρ Τ Ψ Υ Ι Ο Π { }
tab θ ω ε ρ ® τ ψ ϒ υ ι ο ° π [ ] ÷
Α Σ Δ Φ Γ Η ϑ Κ Λ
caps lock α σ δ φ ƒ γ η ϕ κ λ
Ζ Ξ Χ ς Β Ν Μ < > ?
shift ζ ξ × χ © ϖ β ν μ , . / shift

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