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Maltese/Esperanto (obsolete non-Unicode) Keyboard Help

Accented letters are formed by typing the appropriate letter, followed by the key listed below for the appropriate accent mark. Note that you will need an appropriate iso-8859-3 compatible font to view these glyphs correctly.

` grave (A E I O U)

^ circumflex (ACEGHIJ OSU)

: diaeresis (umlaut) (A E I O U)

- bar (stroke) (H)

- breve (G U)

' acute (A E I O U)

. dot (C G I Z)

~ tilde (N)

, cedilla (C S)

If you need an unaccented letter followed by one of the above punctuation marks, simply type the punctuation mark twice. This Taveultesoft keyboard is good for typing Maltese or Esperanto. Other languages are not officially supported by the iso-8859-3 standard. However, meaning Western European languages can be written using this standard, including English, French, and German.

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