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Mro Phonetic Keyboard Help

This keyboard uses a phonetic layout for the Mro/Mru language using the Mro script. It is based on the Linux keyboard which is available here: The author encourages others to build on his work. This keyboard does not support the ALT keys for Latin or Bengali. It solely supports the Mro script.

This keyboard requires the use of a Mro font. Mro Unicode is included with this font package, but any Mro script Unicode font could be used.

Keyboard Layout

Each key has four possible options:

  • Default (unshifted)
  • Shift
  • Right Alt (unshifted)
  • Right Alt Shift

Many keys do not have a shift option as the Mro script is compact enough to not require this.

Bengali numerals are given (with Right ALT + shift) in addition to Mro and western numerals.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

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