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Nkonya Keyboard Help

Keyboard for Nkonya language of Ghana

Keyboard Layout


= + for ŋ Ŋ

[ { for ɛ Ɛ

] } for ɔ Ɔ

q Q for ʋ Ʋ

x X for ɩ Ɩ

Type ' before vowel (aeiouɛɩɔʋ) for acute accent (for example: '[ for ɛ́)

Type ; before any of these modified keys (=+[{]}qQxX) to get the original key (for example: ;[ for [)

Additionally typing \q will produce \q.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Mobile/Tablet Keyboard Layout

Note that some characters are hidden in the long press. Press and hold on the key with a little dot on the top right to reveal and use them.

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