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Ó tissi Keyboard Help

The Ó tissi keyboard is for use by the Ó tissi/Achumawi/Pit River [acv] language. The On-Screen Keyboard can be viewed to see how to use the keyboard.

This keyboard uses the orthography created by linguist Bruce Nevin in conjunction with language teachers Lisa Craig, Paul Cason, and Connor Yiamkis.

Keyboard Layout

Desktop Keyboard layout

Tone diacritics on vowels: Hold the right-alt button while pressing the key of the vowel you desire.

Glottalized diacritics on consonants: Hold the right-alt button while pressing the consonant you desire.

Aspirated consonants: The rdfgj keys have been replaced with tʰqcʰpʰk

Length dot: The b key has been replaced with the length dot.

Glottal stop: The right slanted apostrophe used to represent a glottal stop ʼ has replaced the v key.

Acute accent: The acute accent can be typed with the comma key following the base character.

Desktop Keyboard Layout

Touch screen keyboard

Long press keys: Touch and hold the key, more options will pop up for that letter with diacritics. For example, if you need a high tone ó, hold down the o button, or if you need a glottalized t̓, hold down the t button.

New keys: Some of the letters that are not used in Ó tissi have been replaced with the aspirated letters, syllable dot and punctuation symbols.

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