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Arabic Phonetic (deprecated) Keyboard Help

Arabic Phonetic Keyboard - Preliminary (beta) Version

Created by Tavultesoft Pty Ltd

This is a preliminary keyboard for entering Arabic phonetically using a standard English keyboard. See the OnScreen Keyboard for the character mapping used.

Please email with any comments you have on using this keyboard.

Usage Notes

This keyboard has several shortcuts to make it easier to type phonetically:

  • To make a long vowel, type the vowel twice. This is supported for:
    • aa (ا)
    • AA (آ)
    • uu (ؤ)
    • ee (إ)
  • Four other multiple key outputs are supported:
    • yx (ئ)
    • ao ( ً )
    • uo ( ٌ )
    • eo ( ٍ )
  • To add a Shadda (e.g. shown here on Beh, بّ), type the consonant twice
  • To type Allah (لله), type llh
  • To cycle through different variations of a letter, use the slash key (/). This is currently supported for:
    • alef/ain/fatha (a/)
    • dad/dal (d/)
    • heh/khah/hah (h/)
    • sad/sheen/seen (s/)
    • tah/teh marbuta/theh/zah/thal/teh (t/)

Release History

Version 0.2 released 27 February 2009, added some additional documentation.

Version 0.1 for Keyman Desktop 7.0. Released 30 January 2009.

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